Main Attraction

This was the main attraction on the midway at the Sarasota Balloon Festival last week. I took this on the first night before the crowds arrived.

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Main Attraction
This was the midway at the 2018 Sarasota Balloon Festival

Sometimes I use this technique to show a scene in relation to the space it occupies. In this case, I’ve included a larger than normal portion of the dramatic sky. To get that I used a 12mm lens which makes the Ferris wheel appear small and the clouds to converge.

Another technique would be to use a drone to get an aerial perspective. However, it was a hot air balloon festival and I just assumed there would be a drone ban, that was not the case, so I’ll know for next time.

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It’s kind of ironic in that Ferris wheels, hot air balloons and drones are all just different ways of getting above the ground, so you can look back down.