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This is one of the locations we did a hot stop with the chopper. Basically the pilot keeps the engine running, you jump out, compose, shoot, compose, shoot, jump back into the chopper. We were looking for a water shot and there was one near here but with fishermen so we decided against disturbing the peace and landing in this field about a mile away. I immediately gravitated towards this lone tree which seemed to be the sentinel between the regions of the valley. I think to an observer it would have been quite the sight; landing, jumping out, running, …

Back to the Boat

Rick Florida, Sarasota

This gentleman had a bag of groceries and was heading back to his boat for the evening. I think when you anchor offshore you have no dock fees, no rent, only groceries and living expense. Sounds like a simple life. I’d probably go crazy without modern conveniences, but I’d still try it for a week or two. I’d get through a few more books and have more time to think about what’s important to me. Even if I can’t be isolated on a boat, I should probably do that anyway. Obtain a high quality print for your home or office.

Jensen Beach Pier

Rick Florida, Night Photography

This is the fishing pier the other night at Jensen Beach Florida. I like piers because they take me out of my element and over another, confined yet free at the same time. A little dichotomy for you to ponder before the weekend. Anyway, I thought it was a little funny that the town was named Jensen Beach since most of it is inland. Nonetheless it does have a very nice beach across the bridge. But for me on a nice warm evening this was the place to be. Go outside your element and obtain a high quality print.

Banff Walking Bridge

Rick Bridges, Landscape

Last summer I went to Banff in Alberta and captured this walking bridge over the Bow River. Recently I got back from New Zealand. Now I’m conflicted as to which one I liked best. That’s impossible to answer so let’s just fuhgeddaboudit. But if there was another place on earth as beautiful and either of those I’m not sure what I’d do. That’s the problem with being a photographer. Good problem to have I suppose. And I have a sneaking suspicion there could be other surprises in store, …like maybe Iceland? One day. Nothing wrong with dreaming. Obtain a print …

Lake Placid, Florida

Rick Florida, Landscape, Nature, travel

On the weekend we took a drive to the east coast of Florida to see what we could see. A little more than halfway we stopped at Lake Placid for lunch. Picked up lunch at a friendly little diner and then found the public boat dock for a picnic by the water. Later I learned that Lake Placid has a clown college, …okay? So if you’re afraid of clowns you might steer clear, …I’m just sayin. Other than that this sleepy town seems like a nice enough spot and a good place to put your feet in the water to …

Shannon Falls

Rick Landscape, Vancouver

Couple of weeks ago I drove up to Shannnon Falls from Vancouver. At over a thousand feet the falls are too big to capture from the ground, at least for me. Just a short walk off the road you can stand within a few feet of this massive spectacle. And this is only the third largest fall in the province. On this afternoon I walked along the trails under the thick canopy of evergreens with the cool mist wafting from the falls. Something about this is rejuvenating because I left with more energy than I came with despite having traveled …

Half Moon Bay

Rick Landscape, Sunset, travel

A couple of weeks ago we stopped in Half Moon Bay and walked the beach at sunset. The beaches, waves and landscape of the Pacific are so much more dramatic than the west coast of Florida where I live. Even though I grew up in California, now when I return it all seems so new and interesting. Perhaps the same is true the other way around, each is unique. In any case, in the states we have a long weekend ahead so maybe I’ll head to the beach again, there’s always something fun there. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Obtain …

Low Frequency Waves

Rick Bridges, Night Photography, Urban, Vancouver

Last week in Vancouver I stopped at Ambleside Park on my way back to the hotel. It was late but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get the full moon behind the bridge. I climbed down a rock and concrete barrier in total darkness to get my camera down close to the still waters of the bay. I started shooting and saw a ship approach the bridge. Perfect; a bridge, a moon, a ship; elements for a composition. From the ship’s bow I couldn’t tell how big it was as it slowly approached head on, then it turned slightly …

End of the Rainbow

Rick Landscape, New Zealand

Can you keep a secret? I think I may have discovered the end of the rainbow. I’ll be going back to find the pot of gold, but at least I know where it is. Well, actually I have no idea where this is, other than somewhere in Mount Aspiring National Park close to Mount Earnslaw in New Zealand. Flying through the southern range we experienced microclimates at every elevation and terrain. When we started in the morning up at elevation it was ten or fifteen degrees below freezing (with the helicopter doors off by the way). By the time we …