Pony by the Fence

I know the world has a lot complicated things going on, good, bad, all that. Yet all around us there are these gentle loving creatures that most of take for granted. I think we could learn a thing or two from them if we ever take the time. Maybe they are not so much “animal” but beings with more intelligence, heart and emotion than we give them credit for. In any case I sat for a spell by a farm fence the other day and made friends with this little pony, and the pleasure and honor was all mine. Click …

New Rod and Reel

This is the new Rod and Reel pier. The old one had a small fire and so the insides where refurbished and now reopened. Actually that was several months ago and its now back on our regular stops when on Anna Maria Island. This is a must on any list if you’re visiting the area. It’s a local favorite for good reason, great food and atmosphere that’s hard to beat. As I’m a local I never even look at the menu when I show up here; blackened grouper sandwich and a Corona. About as close as you can get to …

St. Petersburg Marina

My wife and I went for a walk along the waterfront in St Petersburg Florida the other day. Everyone was out and about and enjoyed the warm weather. The calm water created these little ripples which caught my wife’s attention and then mine. I admit it, I’m an unabashed copycat and have no shame. Such as it is here are the boats reflected in the water and something to put us all in a relaxed state such that we might come up with our own ideas and not copy others. But then imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so …

Tatum House at Crowley

After the busy holidays we needed a break so we loaded up the dogs and drove to the country from some fresh air. By chance we ended up here at Crowley which is a park on the Sarasota county line featuring natural and cultural history. This is Tatum House which was built circa 1888 – 1892 and represents an example of rural architecture. It reminded me of the Waltons house, it had that same rural coziness. There is a lot to see and do here and a very pleasant break from the normal hustle and bustle. I’ll be going back …

Sunrise Over the Manatee River

I took this from the banks of the Manatee River as it flows into the Gulf of Mexico. Because of the tides the river flows in both directions so it’s not a typical river in that sense. We do see dolphins and manatees swimming by so it’s always fun to look out over the water. That was the idea I had in mind when I took this, just get down low and look out across as the sun rises over the opposite bank. Click on photo to obtain enlarge or obtain print

Six O’Clock Train

If you like orange juice then this is your train, right from the Tropicana plant here in Bradenton Florida. I live just a few minutes from here and every evening I hear the sounding of the horn as the train heads north. Now, whenever I’m up north I have a habit of looking at the label on the OJ just to see where it says “Bradenton, FL”. I have no idea why I do that, but I do it just the same, home town pride perhaps. I took this earlier this evening as I walked my dogs near the tracks …

St Petersburg Pier

By coming here at sunrise on a Sunday I managed to have the whole place to myself, which is quite a feat when you consider how popular this pier is. I think I was only here for twenty or thirty minutes and it started filling up with runners and such, but that was fine, I got what I came for. Click on photo to enlarge

Alps of Middle Earth

Over the weekend I went to see the final installment of the Hobbit movie. Having been to New Zealand this year I was interested in looking close at the scenery and indeed I did recognize a couple of shots. Of course much in the movie was rendered to look like no place on earth, but this shot I took hanging out of a helicopter comes close. I think I may have a Lord of the Rings Marathon this coming holiday week so that I can see more of the landscape of Middle Earth, otherwise known as New Zealand.

Slim Pickins

Downtown Hartford, CT at night reminds me of some midwest cities. Basically they roll the streets up at 5pm. So when I came downtown a couple of weeks ago it was good and bad. Good because I just about had the whole downtown core to myself, bad in that there were slim pickins as far as any activity goes. Nonetheless, I made the best of it had a pretty good time wandering about. Click on photo to enlarge

Jensen Beach

Seems I’m on a lifeguard stand theme. Whenever I show up they’re deserted, don’t suppose there’s much need for lifeguards to be around at sunrise and sunset. This was at Jensen Beach on Florida’s east coast. As I recall, I got up pretty early and it was only me and a few of those guys with metal detectors. I’m not sure why they are so dedicated to get out as early as they do. Do they really find enough to make it worth their while? I don’t know, I’m just not feeling it. Click on photo to enlarge