Drama in the Alps

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This is another shot from the chopper while flying through New Zealand’s southern alps. Not having flown like this before I was a little overwhelmed… okay, I was very overwhelmed. In any case, my normal daily routine typically doesn’t include speeding towards jagged mountain ridges in an open helicopter, ascending just over the top only to have the ridge fall away into an impossible chasm. I see it in movies, but in real life it takes getting used to. In other words I was completely freaked out yet exhilarated at the same time. I dealt with my fear by concentrating …

Chair and Sky

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This evening I headed up to Emerson Point to catch the colors and watch the sun go down. It was a little breezy and this kite surfer was having fun. It seems that a lot of people are out having fun here in Florida. I guess you can count me in on that since I tried Paddleboarding on Saturday. Kind of like paddling a canoe, only you’re standing up. Takes a little getting used but the worst that can happen is you fall into the warm water. Its the middle of summer and it’s hard to take things too seriously, …

Horseshoe Bay

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This is about an hours drive north of Vancouver and is one of the spots you can catch a ferry to Vancouver Island. There are campsites nearby and I could see the smoke from campfires already started. It’s such a great feeling to be surrounded by these huge mountains. The people in this part of Canada are into the outdoors in a big way. On this afternoon I saw campers, kayakers, fishermen, rock climbers and cyclist, not to mention people just walking around enjoying the view. When you’re surrounded with this much beauty it’s only natural to spend a bit …

Simple Pond

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I took this from a kayak launch at a nearby park. There’s nothing spectacular about this shot but I think I like the understated nature of it. Just nature, simplicity, lot’s of space. Room to stretch my mind and let the complications of the day dissolve. I think that’s why I like coming to this spot. In any case, the week is almost over and it’s been a busy one for me, so I made a promise to myself to get out somewhere like this where I can let the frenetic pace of the week recede into memory, and hopefully …

Sunset Beach

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This is a view of Bradenton Beach from Sunset Park before they restored it. As you can see here the water is about twenty or thirty feet from where I’m standing. A massive project to redeposit sand from a couple hundred yards offshore just finished and now the beach extends another fifty feet into the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a huge nuisance when they have all that heavy equipment on the beach, kind of like when they repair major roads. But once it’s done things are so pretty you soon forget the stress of construction. Anyway, I think I’ll head …


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I call this shot “Punctuation” because that’s what it reminded me of. I took this one morning in the hills above Arrowtown New Zealand where we captured the sun rising over the mountains. But it’s always good to look in the other direction because you never know what you might be missing. Funny how we always look at what’s obvious and sometimes miss something else just as sublime in the other direction. In this case, the clouds seemed to punctuate that idea. At least that’s how I saw it. Obtain a print for your home or office.

Robinson at Sundown

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The other day I walked through Robinson Park just after a rain shower and just before sunset. I think because of the rain the park was deserted which lent a quiet solitude to the place. This was the last shot I took before turning back towards my car. As I walked back I noticed things I didn’t see the other way. And of course with the orange-pinkish clouds I just took my time and enjoyed the moment. Just then a cyclist rode by and when he saw me with my camera, commented “just another day in paradise”. Indeed it is …

Casting at Dawn

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Wherever you go in Florida you’ll find people throwing nets. It may look easy but it takes some practice. My neighbor purchased one and so we stood on his lawn trying to learn the technique which I can only describe as a combination of lassoing and shot put. And since I’ve done neither the result were a little amusing. A couple years ago I watched a guy throw a net into a local lake and pull out several redfish, he had a cooler full of them which he sold to local restaurants. Anyway, I took this picture a couple weeks …