Inter-terminal Walkway

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On one of my trips home a connecting flight was delayed. Actually on dozens and dozens of flights home, but I digress. On this particular delay I had the presence of mind to pull out my camera as I’ve always wanted to capture this walkway between D and C terminals in the Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (DFW). To get to another terminal travelers are instructed to take the sky-link tram, however to stretch your legs this is a pleasant walk and as you can see somewhat removed from the crowds. The moving walkway is about a quarter of …

Lions Gate At Dawn

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This bridge connects the city of Vancouver with the city of North Vancouver. I’ve taken dozens of photos of this bridge but on about my third trip I realized that you could walk across it. On this morning it was just before dawn and not much traffic, it felt a little erie to be the only person on such a large structure. However, as night gave way to day there was a little surprise. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of steal started to make a sound I can only describe as a moan. I was a little unnerved and decided …

Sun Belt Cookery

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On this evening while walking to my hotel I captured this photo of the Sun Belt Cookery which is in the Coal Harbour section of Vancouver. I was attracted to the architecture of this however I was originally out to take pictures of the Cherry Blossoms and, as is so often the case, got distracted. Nonetheless you’ll notice a small Cherry tree full of blossoms in the upper left and in some small way I can say that my mission was accomplished, albeit unintended. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Follow link to order a limited edition print …

Sunset for Geese

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This is another sunset at Lost Lagoon in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. What captivated me was that in the heart of this city, not a single person stopped here to enjoy the sunset except these two geese. Frankly, they looked quite content to be here and didn’t mind one bit that I was taking their picture, or at least the picture of the sunset with them in it. Geese are people too, right? Follow link to obtain a limited edition print of this photo

Cafe Alcazar

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In St. Augustine at the Lightner Museum there is a cafe built inside a pool. The pool was build in 1889 as part of the Hotel Alcazar and in it’s time was the largest indoor pool in the world. It’s an unusual sight to be sure and on the day we arrived at the peak of the season we didn’t have a reservation. However, from what I could see there are few cafes that can compete with the ambiance as you are surrounded by priceless artifacts from the museum. Swim suits not required. Follow link to order a limited edit …

Table with a View

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If you ever visit Vancouver, do yourself a favor and reserve a table at the Observatory Restaurant on top of Grouse Mountain. I can’t imagine a better location and even without wine the combination of view and fresh air is intoxicating. If it’s a clear night you’ll have a spectacular sunset followed by the glow of the city lights and ships moored in English Bay. I’m starting to sound like a travel brochure. I guess you can say I was impressed and this photo is my attempt to catch some of the magic of this unique location. Follow link to …

Bradenton Riverwalk

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Across the river from Palmetto where I live is the town of Bradenton Florida. A little while back the city decided to improve this walkway along the Manatee River. It now hosts food festivals, jazz concerts and a skateboard park. On this day I arrived around sunset to capture the modern, yet relaxed feeling of the place where families love to stroll and I’ll go to walk my dogs or just enjoy the eclectic atmosphere. Follow link to order a limited edit print Follow link to order a limited edit print

Waterfall Hallway

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There is a building in Vancouver that has a waterfall over a hallway leading from the lobby. On several occasions I’ve tried to capture it but I think the night exposure conveys the feeling of it best. It really does look like something out of this world, or perhaps something you might see at a Disney resort. In any case, I’m sure I’m not the first photographer to be captivated by this, …or the last. Follow link to purchase a limited edition print of this photo.

Switching Yard

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This is a rail yard in Vancouver that’s adjacent to a busy commercial port. I happened to be walking over a bridge and thought it interesting, however when I looked at the surrounding buildings I could almost imagine I’d been transported back in time to another era. When I was young we had tracks in our back yard. For a while after moving away I had a hard time falling sleep because there was no sound, it was too quiet. I wonder if the folks living in these buildings go to sleep with the rumbling of the trains. In an …

Robinson Preserve

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Being a procrastinator I waited until about twenty minutes before sunset to head out of the house this evening. As I headed for the beach I passed Robinson Preserve and thought this might be just as good a location. It was getting late so I parked and headed into the park on foot, hoping I hadn’t left it too late. Just then the ranger doing his final rounds met me on the path and insisted that I leave as the park was closing in five minutes. I was deflated and not sure if I should be upset at the rules …