Rick’s Story in a Nutshell

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Up until now this website has been a place for me to share my photography. For a few years now I’ve been sharing a daily photo and writing a few thoughts to go along with it. I really enjoy sharing my passion for photography with you so thanks for stopping by. Starting today I’m going to add another dimension to it in the form of a longer posts about photography. It just seems like a fun thing to do and the next step in the evolution of my photography. It’s easy to follow me and my photos daily. Everyday I posts …


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Order a print here If it’s not obvious, this is a picture of a cloud hanging over the water. I had to say that in case you were looking for some little object of interest like a person or boat. Sometimes I find myself in a situation where the main subject of the scene is simply a cloud. Actually that happens a lot where I live. The heat builds up in the vapor and transforms it into crazy shapes, usually over water. Add the light of dusk and you get a scene like this, if only for a few minutes. …

Nokomis Lifeguard Stand

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Obtain fine art print My how time flies, I was last here a little over two years ago. I shot from almost the exact same location at around the same time, but the results are quite different. For one, I used a different lens. For another, I used textures on this. My style and inclinations change over time and so I’m finding that if I go back to some of my favorite locations a shoot again, the results are quite different. Here is a link to the old version.

Nokomis North Jetty

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Obtain print It’s been a while since I’ve been to the north jetty so yesterday evening I headed down here. It’s about 35 minutes from home along the gulf coast and every evening people flock here to watch the sunset. The minute I drove up a couple of dolphins swam by as they meandered about. These shells were deposited on the beach from recent storms; you could just scoop up a handful. The jetty connects the gulf to the intercostal waterway where most folks dock their boats. Evenings like this are a reprieve from the August sun as the breeze …

Brickell Key Miami

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Purchase a fine art print A birds-eye view of a little island in the middle of Miami. I took this from a hotel when I was down here recently. At night I sat in a lounge on the 36th floor and was surprised to find that most of these units were dark. I thought that was a little odd because as compared to other cities like New York or Vancouver. But then this is the middle of summer in Florida and I suppose most of these units are second homes or vacation getaways. Perhaps if I come back here in …

Everglade Impressions

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Obtain a fine art print Exactly one week ago I was in the middle of the Florida Everglades on a swamp boat. The most remarkable impression, at least for me, was the reflection of the clouds in the swamp. Of course there was much else to see by way of beauty including all manner of wildlife including Egrets and Cranes. But for me the next biggest impression after the reflection was the enormity of the space. Hundreds of square miles of natural swamp. I’m one of those people that has to see something to really get it. I get it …

Palmetto Afterglow

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Obtain fine art print Yet another dazzling display in the sky above my home in Palmetto Florida. You must be getting tired of all my sunsets. However it’s that time of year when every night we get crazy colors in the sky and water. This evening I headed out to get a sunset shot but the sky appeared so flat I turned back home. From my living room I continued to watch the sky and only fifteen minutes later it started turning all crazy like this, so I jumped back in my car again and headed for the water. These …

Ledo Beach Afterglow

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Obtain Print This was the scene a few hours ago at Ledo Beach in Sarasota Florida. After the sun went down it illuminated these clouds with a peachy yellow glow. It had the effect of a lantern, making everything brighter. A phenomenon I’d not seen before that lasted for about fifteen minutes. Anyway, I was fortunate to see it and have my camera ready. From what I could tell, the other people on the beach were just as amazed as I was.

Venice Pier After Sunset

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Purchase Fine Art Print This evening I debated whether I should venture out on account of the thunderstorms in the area. Optimism won out and I headed down this way. All the way I thought it would be a waste of a drive but I continued nonetheless. When I got out of the car there was thunder, lightning and light rain. I stuck through it and for about an hour the weather held off. This is a twenty-five second exposure I took about a half hour after sunset. Tonight the cloud colors were best when the sun was well below …