Snow Capped Remarkables

The second day after I arrived in New Zealand it rained in Queenstown. It lasted for about a day and the clouds were thick so visibility was poor. Once the rain stopped and the clouds moved out we were left with a spectacular view of the Remarkables which bordered us on one side. They get their name from the fact that they extend directly north and south which is rather unusual. To get this shot, I stood on a bridge above some rapids on the river and every now and then a speed boat would zoom by over the rapids …

The Hush Below Freedom Tower

Last weekend I went to the World Trade Center in New York City. As I approached there was a lot of construction everywhere, a lot of noise, and a lot of people, …typical New York. But here, below the Freedom Tower at ground zero, despite the thousands of people gathered, it was hushed, the only sound was that of the water from the fountain. This is the reflection of Freedom Tower in the hushed silence of the fountain at ground zero.

Contours in the Field

I took this one afternoon near Queenstown in New Zealand just as the sun accentuated the rows in the field. Even after the sun recedes behind the mountains there is still another hour of light so I walked around looking for other interesting things to photograph. I took quite a few though not all interesting. Every week or so I find some other photo I forgot I had. Maybe with time I’m just able to look at it with fresh perspective. In any case, if this were in Florida (not that we have any mountains) then I’d be careful not …

Bridge Cables

If you’ve ever been to the Brooklyn Bridge you know it’s all about the cables. I walked across it yesterday along with thousands of others who come here daily to experience a bit of New York history. The bridge was constructed over a hundred years ago and today it carries thousands of cars, cyclist and pedestrians over the east river. A marvel of engineering this bridge was built to last due largely to the hundreds of cables running from the towers in a grand lattice. This is one of those cables that today still holds up the most beloved bridge …

Man and Dog

I took this at a park named after Hernando De Soto. He was an explorer who passed through this way in the 1500s. I love coming to this park but it always makes me think about what it must have been like all those years ago. We have paths in the park and air conditioners in our cars, but back then it must have been difficult to walk through this vegetation in the oppressive heat of summer. I can wear shorts, sandals and a t-shirt, but what if I had to wear leather and wool and hack my way through …

Gentle Waves

These are the gentle wave of Florida’s Gulf Coast. The water is warm, the wave are gentle, what more could you want? This is the stump of an old tree blown down in a hurricane years ago. I suppose then the waves were big but then it’s soon forgotten as the pace of life returns to it’s normal pace, which is about two speeds below slow. 😉 Click on picture to view gallery or obtain print.

Idyllic Valley

This is in in a beautiful valley near Queenstown in New Zealand. I took this in New Zealand’s fall so all the trees were various shades of the rainbow. The word “idyllic” comes to mind when I think back on this spot among the rolling hills surrounded by snow capped peaks and ponds where the black swans live. I know that sounds made up but its real and now that I’m back in my own country I kinda wonder if this was just a dream. Good thing I have a picture. Click on photo to obtain a print.

Maligne Lake

This size of the peaks in Jasper is hard to fathom, even when you’re looking right at them. At times it just seems that things go straight up and down. And of course an image does not do justice to the scale. Nonetheless the beauty is overwhelming and sometimes all you can do is take a picture and then later go back in memory and try again to comprehend a little more. I don’t think it’s possible for us humans to comprehend such things, just stare and remain in awe and wonder. Click through in image to obtain prints,

Heron Rocks Pier

This Heron walked in front of my camera as I was composing this shot, hello! It’s funny because years ago when I lived in Ontario Canada we use to go up to what’s known as “cottage country” in the summer. And once in a long while you’d see a Heron like this, but usually from across the lake. It was a big deal, you didn’t forget. Now that I live way south of the 47th parallel, I see them all the time, up close and personal. And heaven forbid you have fish or something they want. I wonder if they …


This is the lookout at Robinson Preserve and a favorite place to go and recharge the batteries. At this time of day the mullet are jumping in the bayou below and the only sound is the constant splashing as they try in vain to reduce the mosquito population. Thank goodness for the sanctuaries of silence and nature that can be found in this part of Florida.