Times Square

Off the highway near Banff is a lookout above Peyto Lake and any of you who have been here in summer know why I titled this shot “Times Square”. I did a bad thing. I climbed over the lookout and went to a rock on a ledge to compose this shot. If I could widen the angle on this shot just two degrees, you’d see another twenty people that did the same thing. Doesn’t make it right. After I captured this I climbed back onto the platform and pushed my way past the four hundred other people standing on the …

Tree of Light

A few weeks ago I captured this tree in Maximo Park, St Petersburg Florida. Actually I copied my wife who was already taking a picture of this tree. I do that, copy other people, especially people that are smarter or more creative than me. But hopefully I learn, little by little. Anyway, the park is also a Frisbee golf course. I’m not sure when that was invented, but it seems the same rules apply and since I suck at golf, maybe I should try Frisbee golf. Anyway, while I was composing this shot, uh, copying my wife who composed the …

Night Patrol

I shot this last week while walking across the Cambie Bridge to my hotel in Vancouver. Reminded of a ride-along I did not too long ago in my home town. I was amazed at how much goes on when the rest of us are asleep, and I live in a small town. In any case, I didn’t even know I captured this until I looked the next day. Nonetheless, it’s nice to know that all the things that happen while we sleep are looked after by these men and women in blue. God speed to you. Purchase print

Glow of the Grass

I took this a a few months back at Robinson Preserve. Fast forward to now and I’m thinking that maybe as soon as this rain clears I’ll come back here to see what I can see. The preserve should have all kinds of puddles, and as the rain moves out we should have some good clouds. But that’s just me thinking out loud, or in type, …whatever. Florida is flat and landscape pictures are all about the ground and / or the sky, no mountains or hills to chime in. So now that I have my idea, I’ll be outta …

Riverwalk Sunrise

Across the river from my home is the Bradenton Riverwalk where you can walk, jog, bike or skate. On weekends and evenings it can be quite busy especially when they have food and music festivals. My favorite time to come here is the morning just as the sun is rising. Because it’s such a heroic effort for me I’m always surprised at how many people get up and out early for a jog or walk. This was taken right next to an empty skateboard park early one morning a few weeks back. Get a print for your wall

Coquina Pier

Another shot of another old pier at sunset, but come to think about it the sunset was just an afterthought. The combinations of rock, wood, sand and water is what attracted me, the sun was a bonus. Just another sunset at Coquina Beach in the town of Bradenton Beach, Florida. From a beach in a town named for a beach, life is a beach. Get an awesome print

How Is This Possible

That’s the question I ask myself whenever I get immerse myself into the city of Vancouver. How is it possible that such an awesome city can even exists? I have no answers, just photos of the awesomeness that is this electric city. I used to live in Toronto but now I’m in Florida, I’m an American, I was born in California. Anyhoo, …when I lived in Toronto there was a sense that it was the center of the Canadian universe, and in many ways it is. But in terms of beauty and quality of life, it’s got nothing on Vancouver, …

Mangrove Tunnel

A couple of Sundays ago I took a Kayak through the Mangroves at Robinson Park in Bradenton. To be honest, until a few weeks ago I’d never even heard the term “Mangrove Tunnel”. But here they are, all over Florida, just waiting for Kayakers to pass through. Anyway, this is my first experience and it was spectacular. I kept taking photos when I should have been navigating with the paddle and so my Kayak kept drifting to the walls of the tunnel. Click click click, drift, crunch, paddle backwards, …click click click, drift, crunch, …and so it continued through the …

From Here On

So I think its normal when you look at a photo to imagine yourself in the scene. I do that all the time and I think its what creates longing. While this isn’t a particular warm picture, it does make me want to follow the tracks into the fog. Something about tracks. When I was a child I used to dream about tracks, the dreams were kind of weird, I can’t explain them, but somehow, skipping all the middle pieces I ended up somewhere. Maybe in some vague way, this reminds me of that, a magical journey along the tracks. …

Vancouver TED

I just got back from an amazing trip to Vancouver. There’s nothing better than walking around Vancouver at night unless perhaps you’re walking around during a TED conference. This is Janet Echelman’s sculpture which was lit up for thew conference last week. It’s a 745-foot wide installation made of netting and suspends between the roof of the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel and the Vancouver Convention Centre. You could actually control the lighting with your cellphone thanks to a collaboration Aaron Koblin of Google Creative Lab’s. Purchase Print