Arrowtown Afternoon

The little village of Arrowtown New Zealand in the autumn. There were so many warm colors all around that it seems like they all ran together. Perhaps they did as they imprinted in my brain a most fond memory.

Under the Kite

Obtain a mounted print Another shot from the kite festival earlier this year at St Petes Beach Florida. In addition to standard kites, there were a few of these enormous balloon kites that bounced up and down in the breeze. And of course that’s the perfect invitation to come play under the colorful billowy fabric. Of all the photos I took that day, the shots of the children playing around the kites were my favorite.

Sunrise at Riverwalk

Order a print In Bradenton FL we have a riverwalk. Little did I know a lot of other cities do as well. Before I moved here I’d never heard of a riverwalk, but if you think about it it makes sense. Everyone likes to hang out by the water; run, walk or just chill. I come here a lot and this time to take pictures of the sunrise. I think I’ve taken pictures of the whole riverwalk length yet somehow I always seem to find something new. Regardless, its close to my home and if I ever get tired of …

Pleasant Lake Sunset

Obtain print Another sunset from earlier this year at Lake Pleasant just north of Phoenix. It’s a good sized reservoir for being out in a desert. In any case, I lucked out this on this evening when the water was calm and the clouds perfect. Pleasant indeed.

Girl on the Seawall

Obtain fine art print A girl sits on the seawall and talks on the phone in St Petersburg Florida.”

Walk in the Park

Get a mounted print Sarasota Island Park is one of my favorite places to go for local photography. Just before sunset the shadows play on the walkway, something I like to capture. I pick a spot and wait for someone to walk through the frame; a street photography trick. In this case, it’s the curve of the sidewalk and the shadows that I look for, and lucky me I got the whole family, a three for one deal.

Pier at Dusk

Obtain Fine Art Print This is the pier along the causeway on the way to the beach. A lot of locals prefer it because you can park right here and bring your dog. And so it was with me and my dog a couple of nights ago. We walked along the causeway at dusk taking in the colors and scenery as everyone else drove to and from the parking lots at the beach.

Under the Bridge

Obtain Print The view looking north from under the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. This was taken at sunrise and was the starting point of an all day photowalk with my fellow cohorts from the Arcanum. Twenty miles and fourteen hours later we ended up at the opposite side of this bridge shooting in the opposite direction. It was an epic day to say the least.

Air Water Earth

Obtain a print I made up this rule (more of an idea actually) that I try to have at least three of the four elements in a landscape photo at the same time. If these clouds look a little funny it’s because I added a background of water. So by cheating a little (hey, they’re my rules so I can break them) I got my three elements; thus, the title of this photo.


Purchase print Pass-A-Grille is an odd name, I’m sure there’s a good explanation; maybe I’ll find out one day. In the meantime this is a quiet community just south of St Pete’s beach in Florida. I’m standing here at the southern end on a Thursday evening. Little did I realize a WWII bomb was found here under the sand and today as I write this the beach was evacuated and the bomb squad detonated it: so much for being a quiet little community.