Somewhere Else

With the weather just right here in Sarasota, you could linger quite a while after sunset, then walk a few blocks to one of the many outdoor cafe’s. I think this bird was lingering in hopes that someone would supply a takeout meal. Follow link to obtain a limited edition print of this photo.

Pirate Bar and Grill

This is the Pirate Bar and Grill where the atmosphere here is defined by it’s setting under a bridge on a bike path. If you’re looking for a secluded setting where you can sit outside at night and enjoy sights and sounds then this place is a real winner. Look for it under the Burrard Street bridge in Vancouver. Follow link to obtain a limited edition print of this photo.

Longboat North

This was taken at the northern tip of Longboat Key on central Florida’s west coast where people pause what they’re doing and come to watch the sun go down. Sometimes it’s fun just to watch people watching the sunset. If you look down the beach just as the sun hits the horizon, you can see hundreds of little flashes as people try to grab that perfect picture. Count me among them. Click on this link to obtain a limited edition print of this photo.

BC Place

This is Vancouver’s BC Place, a large stadium for sports and entertainment. It’s downtown and accessible on the major subway line, and the architecture, like everything else in Vancouver is amazing. The first time I saw it at night I thought it looked like some kind of mother ship with the way they light up the building. Follow link to obtain a limited edition print of this photo.

It’s all a Blur

When I move too fast and fail to notice the world around me it all becomes a blur and I have little if any memories of the time and spaces I’ve been through. Follow link to obtain a limited edition print of this photo.

TPA Sunset

When I fly back to Tampa from Vancouver this time of year we land around sunset. Aside from the occasional iPhone photo, by the time I get off the plane its usually too late to get a good shot. This day I got out of the terminal and headed straight to the top level of the parking garage to capture this picture. Oddly enough, I wasn’t the only one, a group of about eight people including a few children where there to watch the sunset as well. I remember the dad saying to his impatient son, “look while you can, …

Grouse Mountain Sunset

On the day that I took this there was sun, clouds and the occasional snow storm. I remember this because I had just arrived from Florida and had a light jacket with a t-shirt, …basically over dressed for Florida. About thirty minutes before sunset a snow squall quickly came through and reduced visibility to zero. I ran for the lodge but was covered in snow, however within ten minutes it had passed. Such is the dynamic weather up top the peaks surrounding Vancouver. Now if I can just remember to pack a sweater. Follow link to order a limited edit …


I wonder if the child that built this had any idea someone would come along with a tripod and photograph it and then put it on a blog where people all over the world can see it. I think not. But, that’s what I did, and whomever created this, I’d like to thank you, we can all now admire your fine work. Follow link to order a limited edition print of this photo.

Yacht Club

This is the False Creek Yacht Club in Vancouver. I honestly don’t know anything about it, I just happened to be walking by with my camera and was struck by the design of the building, as well as the location just under a large bridge. It seems wherever I walk in Vancouver I end up with unexpected sights that interest me as a photographer. This is just one of several that I’ll be posting from a walk this evening. Follow link to purchase a limited edition print of this photo.

Terminal D

I travel through Dallas airport frequently and Terminal D is my favorite hangout. Not only is it the most recently constructed with more stores and restaurants than most malls, it has art such as this sculpture placed throughout the terminal. Photography has opened my eyes to art wherever I see it. For instance, there are intricately laid tile mosaics on the floor and I, like many, walk right over them without a notice. One of these days I’ll try to capture those as well. Follow link to purchase a limited edition print of this photo