Sunday in the Park

If you live or visit Manhattan you know that Central Park is a fun place to go on Sunday. This is under one of the bridges near the south end of the park. You could just stand in one place all day and get all sorts of interesting shots. But hopefully you don’t go to New York hoping to get pictures without people. I suppose you could shoot architecture, but mostly it’s about the people and what they do, and in NYC people do everything. Click on photo to obtain print

Elk Lake

It’s a good omen that not ten minutes after we landed by ferry in Victoria we happened upon Elk Lake. And then a few minutes later we found Beaver Lake, and so it goes. High fives all around and wide grins, we headed for the hotel with a glimpse of what’s in store. The week is over, the weekend begins, now it’s time to have a little fun. Click on photo to obtain print

Logs Along the Coast

Tomorrow I’m taking a ferry from the mainland to Vancouver Island. All along the coast are ferry terminals like this one at Horseshoe Bay. I took this shot a few months back and I was intrigued by the big logs along the shore. Logging is big here so maybe these are the remnants of that or just trees along the coast that succumed to the elements. Nevertheless, summer is winding down and everyone seems to be frantically enjoying the last of the good weather before the short rainy days of winter return. For now, that’s a distant concept and there’s …

Water Street Cafe

I’m in Vancouver this week and I was lucky enough to meet a local photographer +Suzanne Rushton for a bit of a photowalk. We toured Gastown which is the old section of town full of character. I love these little cafes on the back streets, seems like somewhere in Europe. I think I will come back here another evening and be that person in the cafe enjoying a long lazy repast of cheese and wine, all the while soaking up the evenings ambiance. If you ever come to Vancouver, give Suzanne a shout, she really knows this town and can …

Riverwalk at Dusk

I took this Saturday evening at the Riverwalk in Bradenton Florida. I love coming here this time of day, everything seems so mellow. This composition was the very first picture I took earlier this year after I purchased my Sony camera. I figured now that I’ve learned how to use it better I’d try again. It’s not uncommon to see a manatee or dolphin swimming by. Mostly people just come here to fish or stretch their legs with a little walk. Happy Wednesday everyone.

Siesta Key Lifeguard Stand

When I showed up at Siesta Key beach it was the end of the day and so the lifeguards had already left. However a lot of people were still there, most waiting for the sun to finally set, a common ritual here in Florida. Reminds me of watching the credits roll, you stay to the very end, but I digress. So I walked around snapping shots that I thought were interesting until the very end. About half of the folks got up to leave yet I was surprised by how many people were staying on the beach even in the …

Over the Bridge

I took this one afternoon with the sun beating down. Would you riding a bike when it’s 95 degrees outside? Summer is nearly over but in Florida we have another six to eight weeks left. The tropical storms start brewing about now and you never know what to expect. Our weathermen and women become a little animated this time of year, and no wonder, this is what they live for, unstable air masses. So rest of us worry a little less knowing someone else is on the ball with the “Kilstron 9” weather radar. This is also the time of …


I’m writing this on a Saturday, but I’m not here rather I’m at my desk typing this, which I took last Sunday. Confusion aside, I’m putting this photo up because, well, it makes me want to be sitting there relaxing. Maybe I’ll stop writing about it and go practice what I preach. Happy weekend y’all. Click on photo to obtain print


Caught one morning on Anna Maria Island. At the crack of dawn Pelicans are busy. The wake up call from the sun sets these fellas about their business, as though they have important jobs to get to, …like sitting on a pole. I’m not great at patiently sitting in one spot, but that’s what you need to do to catch stuff, …fish, photos, …etc. For this I stayed only about three minutes in one spot and noticed his intent, or got lucky. The perfect perch for a Pelican to sit and observe the world while waiting for the next meal …

First Morning

On my first morning in New Zealand we were something like eight hours out of sync and so waking up early was pretty easy. I went outside before dawn and was rewarded with this. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful sunrises and sunsets in Florida and this rated way up there on the awesome scale. Maybe it was just a bit of luck but it felt supernatural. And supernatural magic seemed to follow us each day, it’s hard to explain but while we were there it seemed very real. That is one trip you should put on your bucket list. …