Little Qualicum Falls

On the road to the west coast of Vancouver Island I stopped at Little Qualicum Falls which is a provincial park with a set of waterfalls. It’s such a beautiful setting that a week later on my way back I stopped in again. This is one of the images from my first visit which was taken from a footbridge above the rushing water. Something about being immersed in the forest next to a waterfall is rejuvenating and relaxing at the same time. If you ever get out that way be sure to stop in at take a look. I’m certainly …

Early One Morning

On Anna Maria Island there are a couple of little towns that have a beach on one side and the inter-coastal waterway on the other which is where dozens of sailboats dock. Each sailboat has a rowboat that allows the occupants to row to shore. In fact you see that all up and down the coast; little rowboats on the shore waiting for their owners to row back to their sailboat. I was up at the crack of dawn in one such town and I notice this man and his dog heading back to the boat. Must have been a …

Flowers After Sunrise

These are a set of flowers in a field that I captured shortly after sunrise on Anna Maria Island. There are worlds which exist at different scales that we pass by each day. Every now and again I am reminded of that through photography. Click on photo to view large

Coquina Beach, Florida

I’m working on a couple of long term projects that involve showcasing the county that I live in. One of the most notable aspects of Manatee County is the beach and so every now and then I walk the white sand looking for iconic shots. The more I do it the more I’m realizing that beach photography is a little like street photography. I try to catch people doing what they do without attracting a lot of attention. One technique I use is use a long lense and walk along the back of the beach. By shooting from the back …

Naples Pier

I took this a few months ago at the beach in Naples Florida. There were so many people here that no matter where I looked some interesting scene was playing out. Whenever I take photos with a lot of people I have the luxury of returning to that moment in time and see it with different eyes. I photographed a friends wedding not too long ago but I was so busy taking the pictures and checking my camera that in a sense I didn’t experience the wedding. Not unusual. After I went back to process the images did I get …

Partial Eclipse

This evening I went to Bradenton Beach to catch this partial eclipse just as the sun set upon the Gulf of mexico.

Chesterman Beach

This is Chesterman Beach which is in Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. For a rugged coast it sure has it’s share of long beaches. I guess it has the best of both worlds and that’s probably why it attracts such an eclectic crowd. There are several of these scattered along the coast and at each one you’ll find surfers of all ages. I’m serious, I saw a couple of grandpas out there. And good on them, I cannot imagine a better way to spend my golden years. Click on photo to obtain print.

House and Sky

This house is the visitor’s center at Robinson Preserve in Bradenton Florida. As you walk through the preserve you see this beyond the grasses. It reminds of a little house on a prairie, only it’s not so little and this isn’t a prairie, but you get the drift. I came here because it has a lot of wide open space and every once in a while a little space is a good thing. Click on photo to obtain print

Calla Lily

Leave me in a room with a lily and after a couple of hours this is what I end up with.

Bayfront Park, Sarasota

Whenever I come to this park to get some pics I have my two best friends on a leash. So I never really get a chance to focus too much on what I’m doing. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Why waste a perfectly good drive to the park if you don’t have a couple of four leggeds. At least that’s the way I see it. Click on photo to obtain print