Cottage at Lake Hays

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In between Queenstown and Arrowtown in New Zealand is Lake Hayes. This cottage sits right on the lake and can be rented. I was staying at a hotel but I have my eyes on this for the next time. When I go on vacation I like to wake up in places that are spectacular and take me far away from normal life. This is one of those places so it’s high on the list. The little hill reminds me of a cottage my grandmother used to have. When I was four or five I used to ride a red wagon …

Ucluelet Fishing Vessel

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This is taken from the harbour in Ucluelet, British Columbia. This was the scene one evening as we sat outside at a little floating restaurant while the sun lowered below the horizon. A nice place to sit and relax after a long day of sightseeing and whale watching. A good many of the town residents are commercial fishermen and these boats come and go all times of the day and night. Aside from the natural beauty, sport fishing is probably the biggest attraction in Ucluelet. I think this is one of those places fishermen must read about in magazines and …

Lone Tree at Elk Lake

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I have this list in the back of my mind when I’m out taking photos. One of the things on it is any kind of lone tree. Of course I see lovely trees all the time but rarely alone. I was just about to leave Elk Lake near Victoria BC when I turned around and noticed this tree, …alone! Needless to say I was a little excited. To get this I had to walk around a bit to get just the right composition, but in the end I was please with the result. Truth be told there are other trees …

Skippers Canyon Ridgeline

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While in New Zealand I was with a group that hiked down Skippers Canyon road not far from Queenstown. When we started in the morning it was chilly but by the time we hiked back the layers were peeled off as the sun rose above the mountains. This ridgeline was opposite the road we traveled and from this vantage I could begin to get a sense of the scale. Just behind this ridge was an extreme mountain bike trail and while I didn’t see anyone on it, I could tell that on a scale of one to ten it was …

Fort DeSoto Lifeguard Stand

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This is another shot from the northern tip of Fort DeSoto Park in St Petersburg Florida. For me sunset is the best time to be at the beach, yet usually there are only a few people left. That’s just fine because you feel you have the whole place to yourself. And then finally when all the colors fade, the last stragglers walk back to their cars and leave, knowing the best was saved for last. Click on photo to obtain print

Kennedy Lake

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When you drive through the mountains to the west coast of Vancouver Island you pass Kennedy Lake. There’s not a lot of places to stop here and from what I understand the lake is mostly used for hunting and fishing. What caught my eye midday was how calm the water water was. I just had to pullover to capture this scene. I think that’s kind of theme with me, must be some meaning in there somewhere.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

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All ships coming into Tampa Bay pass under this bridge. Knowing that, when they built it about thirty years ago they made it fairly tall at about 130 meters. Now it turns out it’s not tall enough for the new mega ships which has planners scratching their collective heads. One idea would be to take the bridge down and build a tunnel under the bay. I don’t think that will ever happen but that’s just me, you never know. Once I took a cruise out of Tampa and stood on the top deck as we passed with what looked like …

Little Skimmer Boys

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I took this a week or two back at Bean Point which is at the very tip of Anna Maria Island. It’s a remote spot that feels about as tropical as you can get in the lower forty-eight. When I head out here I never know how the light will look so there’s a lot of luck involved. When I was about five minutes from here I saw a big funnel cloud in the overhead cloud layer and when I finally got here a crowd was watching the last remnants of the waterspout. These boys refused to call it a …

Tofino Ice House

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Tofino is cool little town on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, it’s a haven for artists, surfers and people like me just getting away from it all. Some of the residents are commercial fishermen and I imagine that not too long ago packed the fish in ice from this ice house. Now its a local eating establishment and a cool place to watch the boats and seaplanes as they travel in and out of the small harbour. Click on photo to obtain print

Emerson Canopy

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From a little park known as Emerson Point which has trails through the canopy of trees draped with Spanish Moss. About 10 minutes later the sun would set and the canopy became much darker. I usually linger to watch the sunset on the water over to the left and then walk back through these trees to my car. During the day and weekends there are a lot of visitors, but I typically come here at dusk and have the whole place to myself. If I ever get lost in the canopy on my way out, you’ll know where to find …