Cathedral Barcelona Photo

Cathedral Barcelona
Inside the Cathedral Barcelona taken hand held with my sony camera.            Purchase fine art print

Cathedral Barcelona photo using a Sony A7rII

This is a photo of the interior of the Cathedral Barcelona. I assumed I wasn’t allowed to bring a tripod but was surprised when I saw several other photographers that did. Nevertheless, my Sony camera did a good job of picking up the details in the low light even though the photo was handheld. I suppose the new stabilization technology is getting to the point where we only need tripods in a very few situations. That certainly makes it easier to get interior architecture shots when touring a big city like Barcelona. This is the main cathedral in the gothic section of town. I came here twice, first in the morning when it was empty, and then again around noon when it was crowded. This is from my second visit but by aiming the camera slightly up, I avoided capturing the crowds. Sometimes people add an interesting dimension to a photo, but in this case I thought the architecture was pretty amazing in its own right.

Saturday at the Beach on Anna Maria Island

Bean Point on Anna Maria Island
The beach at Bean Point on Anna Maria Island Florida                                      Click to purchase a fine art print

Saturday I went for a walk around the tip of Anna Maria Island. Most of the walk is along the beach at Bean Point as it wraps around the tip of the island. There was a breeze and sound of the waves the whole way and that was a good thing. This is the time of year when the extreme heat abates and an extended walk or exercise outside is refreshing because the humidity is lower. In any case I plan on doing more of these walks because, well, …no bad thing comes from time on the beach.

Lake Beauvert Jasper


Lake Beauvert Jasper
Lake Beauvert in Jasper Alberta                                                         Purchase fine art print

A couple of years ago I was in Jasper Alberta to visit the Canadian Rockies. I arrived by train from Vancouver and then drove and hiked around. Along the way I stayed at the Jasper Park Lodge situated just east of town on Bueuvert Lake. I used a water texture from the mediterranean on the sky and water to add a mystical feel to the image. I would say there is quite a bit of good energy up here in the Rockies, mystical or otherwise. This is another one of those places I need to get back to and in some respects reminds me a little bit of New Zealand.

Montpellier Courtyard

Montpellier Courtyard
Montpellier Courtyard                                           Obtain fine art print

If you walk the narrow streets of villages and cities throughout France you notice doorways that lead to courtyards. As residents open the doors to the street I would get a glimpse of the courtyard beyond. In a few places like this there is public access, as it leads to a restaurant. These remind me of scenes from movies, but in fact they’re quite normal for folks who live in European city centers. Here I am looking straight up and wondering what it must be like to live here.

Tropicana Train

Tropicana Train
Tropicana train in the morning                                   purchase fine art print

This is the morning Tropicana Train crossing the river on the way to the plant. Bradenton is across the river and trains cross this river day and night to drop off fruit and load up orange juice to take all over North America. Whenever I travel and visit a grocery store, I like to look at the OJ container to see the “Made in Bradenton” label on the box. Don’t ask me why, kind of a silly thing I guess.

Queenstown Sunrise

Queenstown Sunrise
Sunrise in Queenstown New Zealand                                  Purchase fine art print

On my first day in Queenstown I crossed so many timezones I didn’t really know what time it was. Nonetheless I woke up wide awake sometime well before sunrise and so started walking around the hotel. At around dawn I was greeted with this scene near the bridge at the end of Lake Wakatipu. New Zealand has a kind of magic in its landscapes that have to be seen to be believed, and this is one of those cases where it hit me head on just after arriving. The week would have many more amazing landscapes to witness such that I will be powerless to resist another trip.

Pink Clouds Above Barcelona

Pink Clouds Over Barcelona
Pink clouds above the rooftops of Barcelona                                        Obtain fine art print

I was amazed at these clouds above the Barcelona rooftops as I stood atop a downtown hotel. Those two buildings on the right are the tallest buildings in the city, yet millions live here in these apartments that have much more character than glass towers ever will, especially when you consider the mix of architecture and design displayed throughout the city. I took this from the rooftop bar at the Grand Hotel. We’d come up here after a day out and relax to ambient music with a Sangria as we watched day turn into night. This was one of those times, just chilling at the rooftop lounge.

Last Rays of the Sun

Last Rays of the Sun
Kite surfers at the Sunshine Skyway Bridge                                            Order fine art print

On the way home this afternoon we crossed the causeway that leads to the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. It just so happened the sun was heading down and there were these kite surfers. I’ve taken these kind of shots before but each time is different and for me the rays of the sun through the clouds added an extra dimension of awesomeness. And if I thought this was nice, I can just imagine what these surfers felt as they soaked up the last rays of the sun.

Saturday Sunrise

Palmetto Saturday Sunrise
Saturday Sunrise in Palmetto Florid                                 Fine art prints

This morning I managed to get out to capture these clouds over the Manatee River at sunrise. Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere closer to nature, but mornings like this can help make up for that. There really is quite a lot of beauty all around, I just have to put myself in the right spot at the right time. Nothing good comes without a little effort and so it was today. But I still need to get out of the city, maybe a walk on the beach is in order.

This is my first image using AuroraHDR from Trey Ratcliff and Macphun. I found it really easy to use. I don’t recall all that I did but I started with Trey’s “Soul Asunder” preset and then just started playing around. Finally I pulled it back into Lightroom for a few minor tweaks. I’m really happy with the way it fits into my workflow, and since I use all the other Macphun products it has a nice familiar feel to it. I’m pretty excited to have a new, intelligently designed product to help amp up my creativity.

Emerson Point Vultures

Emerson Point Vultures
Vultures at Emerson Point in Palmetto                                              obtain print

I was driving along the road into a nature preserve when I came upon these vultures perched upon a dead oak. It struck me as such an odd sight, almost scary, and I had to stop and take a photo. While there another gentlemen came along and stopped next to me to take a look. Apparently he watches these carrions closely and said that something wasn’t right because normally they are further up the road inside the preserve. He thought perhaps someone was lighting fireworks and caused the flock to move here. Anyway, the only thing scary about this photo is that presumably these poor birds were a bit unsettled and scared themselves. Seems things are always what they seem.