Liz Magor’s Light Shed

Rick Night Photography, Urban, Vancouver

This is a work of public art by Liz Magor called the Light Shed in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour district. If nothing else it’s striking when you come upon it or even notice it from a distance. I’ve taken pictures of this as have many others from the opposite perspective looking out across the harbour. If you Google images of this you’ll see what I mean. However, one night while watching the ghostly lights illuminate from it’s windows I got the idea to shoot back towards the city. Not sure if there’s a point in all this, however when I think …

Terra Ceia

Rick Bridges, Florida, Landscape, Manatee County, Sunset

This bridge is in Terra Ceia Florida just a few minutes from my home in Palmetto. This is another one of those bridges I cross constantly without much notice and wanted to go back and take a closer look. Fishermen are always throwing nets from the bridge as it crosses a channel the fish use to come and go with the tides. I’m not sure why but I seem to enjoy the perspective under a bridge, it’s a perspective that most of us never get. I also like looking at the structure of the bridge, gives me a little more …


Rick Architecture, Bridges, Night Photography, travel, Vancouver

Bridges is a trendy restaurant in Vancouver’s Granville Island. It’s a cool place because in summer you can sit outside and be surrounded by the lights of the harbor, the two main bridges in to the city and the lights of the city at night. For some reason I was intrigued by how many people arrived here this evening by bicycle. Somewhat reminiscent of a european city don’t you think? Anyway, I see this when crossing over the Granville or Burrard bridges in a cab back to the airport and finally managed to get close enough for a photo one …

Rod and Reel Sunrise

Rick Florida, Manatee County, travel

I took this shot at sunrise quite a few months ago not knowing that shortly after there would be a fire here. This is the Rod and Reel which is at the end of it’s own pier on Anna Maria Island in Florida. There is no question they have the best Grouper sandwiches around, not to mention the best scenery. It’s currently being rebuilt and I think they’re getting close to re-opening. I for one have been in Rod and Reel withdrawals and can’t wait to get back here for an afternoon of just kicking back to the best Florida …

English Bay Dusk

Rick Night Photography, Sunset, travel, Vancouver

Back, way back, way way way back in summer I captured this from Vanier Park in Vancouver one evening. I just love how long the days are in summer up north. Right now it’s the opposite. Basically you get about twenty six minutes of sunlight a day, and that’s only a slight exaggeration, if you live there you’re nodding your head now. But in summer the days are long and people are like bears out of hibernation, constantly outside on the hunt and soaking up every ray of light. If my memory serves me, I captured this around eight or …

No Christmas Trees

Rick Florida, Manatee County, Night Photography

Florida has a lot of things and Christmas tress aren’t one of them. If you need a Christmas tree it’ll be imported or plastic. On the other hand, we have plenty of Christmas Palms. Everyone down here is frond of decorating the palms with lights, it’s quite the sight. In fact, this evening we’ll probably do our annual drive down Longboat Key to see all the decorated palms. It seems to me that Santa might get a little warm in that big red coat down here, but then he flies at altitude and with the wind chill and all, … …

Marina at Dusk

Rick Florida, Landscape, Manatee County, Sunset

I took this photo not too long ago near my home in Palmetto Florida. I pass this marina a dozen times a week, it’s small and sometimes I don’t even notice it. But but at the right hour, the right light, the right angle and a little imagination it becomes something a little more. At least that’s how I see it. 😉 Follow link to obtain a limited edition print of this photo.

Real White Sand

Rick Florida, Landscape, Manatee County, Sunset, travel

I shot this just two nights ago near the appropriately named Sunset Park along Bradenton Beach in Florida. Unlike the white sand blowing in snow squalls up north, this is the real stuff. I love taking pictures of sunset at Bradenton Beach, each time I go there I seem to find a new section that I’ve never noticed before. And of course no two sunsets are the same. Head down here around sunset on any given day and folks have their lawn chairs out waiting, as if for the final act. I’m always busy taking pictures, one of these days …

Sailboat Sunrise

Rick Florida, Landscape, Sarasota, travel

A couple friends of mine packed up their belongings, bought a sailboat and moved to Tahiti. That sounds lovely doesn’t it? These boats however are closer to my home in Florida, this is Sarasota at sunrise. As I took this I wondered what it would be like to wake up to the rocking of the boat. Not something I know from experience, but my guess is I’d probably sleep in a little longer as I was rocked by the gentle motion of the waves. I would imagine that’s just what the inhabitants of these boats where doing as this land …

Passing Train at Dawn

Rick Landscape, Night Photography, travel

Last summer I took a rail trip through the Canadian Rockies. It was nothing short of spectacular and a great way to travel, I highly recommend it. As we travelled through the night I kept waking up every hour or so, I was too excited to sleep and didn’t want to miss a thing. I think it was around four or five in the morning that dawn started to break and as it did I grabbed my camera to capture the rich colors as they broke over a valley. This is the shot of that dawn and, just by chance, …