Yard Sale

The Lightner Museuem in St. Augustine Florida houses an impressive collection of artifacts from the guilded age. Back in the day, the museum was actually a private gentlemens club owned by Henery M. Flagler, and the only women allowed in were dancing girls. Notwithstanding, later publishing manate Otto C. Lightner used the building to house his extensive collection of goods. He was one of a very few that had any cash during the depression, so most folks parted with their treasures for a fraction of their original cost. Regardless, a world class collection that would be the envy of any …

Glass of Water

Near my home in Florida is the Gamble Plantation Historic State Park. Apparently the owner didn’t trust the water so he built a big cistern to hold fresh water. As I write this I’m drinking water from a bottle which was not filled by a wooden bucket. But back in the day, …well, it was.

Kitchen Sink

I’m not sure where this would fit in our household, however I do know that when I book a hotel in space, this is what the sink will look like. Maybe Apple is designing kitchen appliances now, stranger things have happened. Consider this, in the year 2113 this will be an antique. Nonetheless, I noticed this walking by a kitchen design shop in a part of town where where this isn’t so out of place. In fact, the only thing that was out of place was me.


This little fella decided to move in, but you can see he has a lot of catching up to do. In 2006, Vancouver experienced a devastating windstorm the effects of which can still be seen. With change comes renewal and this little cedar is evidence of that never ending cycle. From the looks of it, he has a lot of sturdy neighbors to keep him company through the many years as he grows to eventually tower through the canopy and see the sunrise on one side and the sunset across the Pacific Ocean on the other.

Look the Other Way

On this particular day I had it in my mind to take a picture of the sunset. Before doing so I found myself captivated by this city view of Vancouver looking across Stanley Park. When I got home and looked at my photos, this one, rather than the sunset shots seemed the better choice. I guess the trick is to not always “assume” I know what’s going to work. Easier said than done for a left-brain guy like myself.

Cold Sunrise

On this cold and windy morning I found myself at a park waiting for sunrise. In general, we have warm weather most of the year here in Florida, but occasionally we disappoint. We think nothing of wearing polar fleece when it drops below room temperature. A few years back I happened to be in a hotel lobby on one of those days and overheard a family at the front desk asking the clerk for directions to the beach. I felt a little sorry for them, this was not a beach day. But, off they went, oblivious to the sixty degree …

Joey Bentall One

Something about a cafe on a busy street. I like sitting by a window and watching the world go by. But just as often, when I’m walking by, I like to look in. You can pick up on the character of a place, the type of patrons, the conversations, or perhaps people just, well, watching. Don’t ask me where I’m going with all this, probably nowhere. In any case, this upscale cafe is Joey Bentall One on Burrard in downtown Vancouver. This particular morning they hadn’t yet opened, it was early. But in a few hours, it would be, and …

Through the Looking Glass

A reflection is removed, not the real thing, it somehow affords us perspective. Kind of a luxury when you consider the demands of everyday. None of this was on my mind when I took this photo, but upon reflection, maybe it makes sense.

Timing is Everything

About a half hour before sunset I told the taxi driver to take me to this beach as I wanted to get a photo. Sounds simple enough, right? For whatever reason he dropped me about a mile from here at a trail-head. To this day I still can’t imagine why. Of course I’m not from the area so only after he drove off did I realize my predicament. A quick look at the trail-head sign to get my bearings and I started walking towards the beach, somewhat disappointed, knowing that by the time I reached it the sun would be …


Spring was created by Alan Chung Hung and is semi-hidden in a structure at the center of town. Art is a crazy thing, it can grab you when you least expect. When I post a picture I probably put a little time into it, thirty minutes to a hour all told. But what if I worked on a sculpture for three months, longer even, then unveil it for others to look at, muse or ignore? I don’t know what to make of this other than to say it grabbed my attention, I then pondered it, and thus, I suppose it …