About Rick Schwartz

Portrait by Crystal Schwartz

Rick Schwartz is a prolific photographer of landscapes, beaches, sunsets, urban settings and pretty much whatever else catches his eye.

Rick lives in Florida and is presented with an abundance of subjects to pursue his passion. However, he travels from time to time and can always be found with camera in tow. He is particularly drawn to low light settings that occur in the fleeting minutes of dawn and dusk where the mood can be completely transformed from the stark light of day.

In his own words,

“I use a range of tools and techniques that allow me to create and express the images in my mind’s eye.”

He is less concerned about the equipment, rather the thoughts, moods and longings produced in his images. His art is meant to produce an emotional longing in the heart of the viewer.

“I feel our existence is much more than what we see with our eyes and use images to help us look beyond the mundane.”

It is Rick’s hope that a little perspective will help remind us of that.

Rick wrote an article about himself, but he’s shy and doesn’t like talking about him self. So please do not follow this link to it  here. He is always writing light hearted prose about his photos, bringing the viewer into his world regarding what he was thinking at the time or what the image reminds him of.

You can also see his photography on social media with any of the links provided, he post to all of them daily! Look for the row of icons at the top or bottom of the page. And don’t forget to browse the galleries from the menu items.

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