Sunrise Over the Pond

Purchase Print The night before I took this I was at the same spot taking a picture of the sunset in the other direction. When I got home I realized I lost my lens cap. It’s only a few minutes from my house so I got up this morning to come back figuring I dropped it on the ground. It was nowhere to be found but nevertheless the clouds were crazy good and so I resigned to the loss and captured this sunrise. After watching it for a few minutes I walked back to my car and put the camera …

Egret on a Pier

Purchase Print These little guys are not shy. For the most part they’ve become accustomed to humans and you can usually get within a few feet before they skitter away. I was about ten feet from this fellow as he fished from a pier at the beach. One day I came out of a store only to find one standing on my car. I walked up and got in and he never even moved. We have a tall one that lives near our house and I usually spot him on our driveway in the morning. As soon as I walk …

Half Moon Bay

Purchase Wall Art Sunset over Half Moon Bay in California. Somehow this photo got buried in my backlog and I just recently found it again. It’s a little surprise and reminder of a day about a year ago.

Tugboat Sunset

Purchase Print A tug in the Gulf of Mexico just off the beach in central Florida as the sun sinks. When I looked closely I noticed the tug was from Texas. That’s probably about five hundred miles north west of here. Then I noticed that it had a satellite dish and several decks. It occurs to me the occupants can live on this for quite some time. It was probably here on a job as I was standing next to a large barge on the beach which is being used to dismantle an old pier. Anyway, all that aside I …

Sanibel Thunderstorm

Purchase Print A thunderstorm the other day along the Sanibel Causeway. It’s all the more spectacular when the last rays of the sun can peak out during a thunderstorm. By the time I finished taking this the heavens had opened and I ran for the safety of my car. After it passed the skies once again cleared up as though it never even happened. Typical Florida afternoon.

Buildings in Manhattan

Obtain Print I was walking with some friends towards a diner for breakfast and just randomly looked up. I thought this view was cool and I almost lost track of my group as I lingered for this shot. There are a lot of places like this in the city. I think it would be a fun project to shoot this perspective from different locations all over Manhattan. So maybe perhaps this is the first of a series, just maybe.

Letting Time Pass

Order Print Another day comes to an end on Anna Maria Island. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit down on the sand and stare out into the water and let time go by. Nothing wrong with passing a little time on the beach.

Sarasota Island Park

Order Print An afternoon at Sarasota Island Park is a nice way to let the day wind down. Everyone is friendly and willing to stop and chat and say hello. Kind of unusual but I guess some places are like that. This afternoon there were photographers working on portraits with clients, people walking their dogs, sailors tending to their boats and others just sitting on a bench watching the sunset. Like I said, not a bad way to let the day wind down.

Streaming Clouds Above the Pond

Purchase On a cloudy day I took a walk through a forest and came upon this pond. The wind started to pick up as though to rain but lucky for me it wasn’t to be. The clouds were thick and heavy and reminded me of Florida back home. Even though it’s over a thousand miles to the south, on this day the weather was probably nearly the same.

Meditation in the Park

Purchase print On a recent Saturday morning in lower Manhattan I noticed this gentleman meditating in a park. Boy, if I could meditate in the middle of a busy park in Manhattan, well, that would be something. Anyway, there was ancient Chinese music being played nearby, people singing, talking and all manner of activity and he was sitting there meditating right in the middle of it. I couldn’t resist capturing a photo yet given everything else going on I doubt he even noticed.