Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a must see. Only what you don’t see in this photo is the bus loads of people behind me. But that’s because it was the middle of summer and this is a must see. So, if this is the middle of summer, how come there’s snow back there? Well, …those are big ass mountains, and sitting on top are glaciers. So the scale is grand, as in really really big, as in OMG. So there you go, now you know, now you know why you need to visit the Canadian Rockies. You’re welcome. Click on photo to …

Sailboat Sunrise

The waterways around here are typically sheltered from the ocean by keys. Most people think Florida’s keys are at the southern tip, such as Key West, but we have them up and down the west coast along the Gulf of Mexico. All manner of sail and power boats travel up and down, stopping in little towns along the way, there are restaurants and shops catering to these unique sailors. And because the water is calm you will always find boats docked here which can make for some nice pictures if you manage get up around sunrise. Click on photo to …

Old Rod and Reel

The Rod and Reel is a favorite spot of the locals on Anna Maria Island in central Florida. I took this before they renovated due to fire. No worries, it’s just as laid back as it ever, the atmosphere hasn’t changed a bit which is a very good thing. This is where you come when you just want to get away from it all and pretend you’re on a tropical island somewhere. Click on photo to enlarge

California Pasture

A farm pasture in San Mateo County along the Pacific Coast Highway. I was on a stop over from New Zealand to Florida and had a day to drive around. I probably need to spend a little more time driving around here because there seems to be something scenic at every turn of the road, and there are a lot of turns. Click on photo to enlarge

Maligne Lake

If ever there was a place to rent a canoe and be inspired by all that surrounds you it is Maligne Lake in Canada’s Jasper National Park. It’s about an hour drive off the highway to get here and you are rewarded with one of the most scenic settings on the continent. In fact the drive is just as awesome. We were here in the peak of summer and I sat on the deck of the lodge looking out at the lake as I took this photo. Click on photo to enlarge

University of Tampa

On Saturday we walked around downtown Tampa which took us across the University of Tampa campus. We were walking our dogs and three students came up to say hello and pet the dogs. They were all pretty happy to be here at this school especially since it was about 70 degrees warmer out than back home in Chicago or Boston. The architecture of these buildings was too much for me to resist, nor was I the only one. There were several weddings taking place with all the photographers using these as backdrop. Click on photo to enlarge

Before Rush Hour

This is one of the many bridges in Manatee County here in central Florida. The river is about a half mile wide at this point so the bridge is good size. But growth in our area has this and a nearby bridge filled to capacity during rush hour. So now they are looking at building yet another, or possibly making this one bigger. I took this as early one morning when the only rush was of the water under the bridge. Click on photo to enlarge

Pelican and Boy

Every year in Cortez we have a fish festival and so we went to get some fresh fish and hear good music. Cortez is one of the last remaining fishing villages in on the east coast. It’s full of character and, um, pelicans. Pelicans hang around for the scraps left by the hauls as they come in. This one is so used to people that he wouldn’t move even when this boy sat down next to him. I think since the boy didn’t offer him scraps he was just doing his best to ignore him. Click on photo to enlarge …

Sunrise Above Queenstown

One of the last mornings in New Zealand we drove up into the hills above Queenstown to watch the sunrise and then went for a walk down Skippers Canyon. We sat on the side of this mountain taking pictures and waited for the sun to rise which takes a little longer due to the surrounding mountains. Click on photo to enlarge

Robinson Preserve Walkway

This iconic setting is at Robinson Preserve in Bradenton Florida. It’s by far my favorite preserve near home and I come here as often as I can. Pelicans, Eagles and everything in between thrive here and you’ll see them just about every time you come. Once in a while I’ll rent a kayak and paddle through the miles of mangroves, inlets and saltwater marshes that create a natural habitat. This spot is a favorite as you can walk across and observe the mangroves, sea life and all manner of wildlife from just a few feet away. Click on photo to …