Florida Polytechnic

Obtain print Every time I drove between Tampa and Orlando I’d see this under construction. Finally completed I made it a point to stop here to get a closer look. From an architectural perspective there isn’t anything in the region that compares, an icon of design and innovation.

Maligne Lake

Obtain Print An early morning trip on Maligne Lake in Jasper Alberta. These lakes are pristine and in many cases appear turquoise due to the sediments from the surrounding glaciers. This is a popular lake however it’s about ninety minute drive out of town. One you head out on to the lake you are surrounded on all sides by majestic peaks and unforgettable landscapes. But then again, that describes the Jasper in general.

Lone Palm in Myakka

A lone Palm in an open field in central Florida’s Myakka State Park. These open spaces are necessary for the ecology so its nice we have parks where nature can thrive.

St Pete Pier and Clouds

Purchase The St. Petersburg pier is about to be rebuilt but until then it sits here unused. The architecture of the new pier has been the subject of a lot of discussion amongst the residents and local officials. So while they decide what to do I try and get a few more pictures before the cranes come in and it begins a makeover. Then, I suppose, I’ll be out taking pictures of the new one. Me and everyone else in town.

Down the Garden Path

Obtain Print Bok Tower Gardens in central Florida has these paths all around the property that lead from one garden to the next. Fortunately these big Oaks provide plenty of shade which is a hot commodity this time of year. (No pun intended.)

Wagner Park Sunset

Purchase Print This is just north of Battery Park and probably one of the best places in lower Manhattan to watch a sunset. There is a grass lawn, wide benches, and nice little Italian restaurant just below here where you can forget for a minute that you are in a big city. After my friend Scott and I finished taking pictures we had dinner here and then headed up to midtown to check that out as well. There just wasn’t enough time in the day to do everything we wanted to do, but this was probably the highlight of what …

Rush Hour at the Pier

Purchase a print This was taken around rush hour on a Friday evening. Only I have no idea what the traffic was like because I was here. This was about the most stress free place I can think of. It’s a remote pier in a remote park that looks out on to the Gulf of Mexico. Even the seabirds were relaxed as they waited for morsels from the fishermen. This is one of those spots I like to come to from time to time because no matter what, I’m always going home more relaxed than I came.

Roaring Brook Nature Center

Purchase Print This is in Canton Connecticut, just outside Hartford. Coming from flat Florida, I am always happy to explore the winding roads and hills. I followed some signs to this nature center where I found trails, this pond and a Brook. The brook was more babbling than roaring, but maybe that was due to the recent lack of rainfall. Nevertheless this pond reflecting the clouds caught my photographers eye. After visiting places like this you can’t help but love New England.

Bowmans Beach

I found Bowman’s beach by accident and even though we were driving home we stopped and stayed for about an hour to relax along the shore. It was Sunday and no one was in a hurry to go anywhere. Our timing was good because about an hour after I took this thunderstorms moved in and everything turned dark and grey. That’s fairly typical and after about twenty minutes or so it blows away and everything returns to normal.

Weekend at the Beach

Purchase Framed Print The weekend is finally here, I thought it would never come. Not that I have a lot of hair, nevertheless, time to let it down, kick back and enjoy some much needed R and R. I don’t know about you but I would love for my weekend to be uneventful, not a lot of stuff going on. I think there was a lot of that going on here in Boca Grande last weekend when I took this at the beach. Yup, just a whole lotta nothin.