Sedona Scrub

When I was in Sedona I was a little out of my element. I live by the beach and in central Florida there’s nothing taller than a palm tree. Sedona has crazy big red rock mountains, trees, scrub, …and no palm trees. No matter which way you look the red rock provides an impressive backdrop. This was taken on a short trail up Bell Rock, which is a big rock just off the highway. Just before dusk these mountains glow deep red, kind of how I imagine Mars. In any case, I was so impressed with the change of landscape …

Bubbles on the Beach

Couple of weekends ago I was at the beach and this lady was creating huge bubbles with soap, string and the ocean breeze. She was like the pied piper with all the kids chasing and popping the bubbles as they floated over their heads. Does that sound like fun or what? Click on photo to enlarge

Vancouver Taxi Stand

If you live in Vancouver or you’ve ever visited you know this taxi stand, it’s in front of Canada Place and you can pretty much always get a cab from here. It’s at a confluence of the subway, ferry and cruise ships. But once in a while when things are slow they end up waiting here for the next fare and if you look you’ll notice them all reading or surfing on their phones. That’s not so unusual, we all do that, fill up our spare moments with info from our cell phones. In fact, they’re not really cell phones …

Cactus Shadow

Found at a rest stop between Sedona and Phoenix a few weeks ago. In Florida it’s palm trees, but in Arizona it’s all about the cactus. Every kind of cactus, big small, in between, which is my subtle way of avoiding names and types of which I plead ignorance. Click on photo to enlarge

Partial Eclipse

Last October we had a partial solar eclipse just before sunset. I showed up at Coquina Beach here in the town of Bradenton Beach and just happened to capture a formation of birds as they flew between the sun and ocean. Sunset is when the sea birds are heading to wherever they go to bed down so it’s not that unusual. In any case the sun was so bright that I doubt most people even noticed the eclipse, but with the high shutter speed I used the outline of the moon is more visible than you would see with your …

Windy Day

Yesterday we had a bit of wind. By that I mean they were advising us not to drive over the bridge, trees were blown down and if you wore a hat you might have to chase it down the street. Which is another way of saying it was an awesome day for kitesurfing. This is at a point midway on the Sunshine Skyway where kite surfers congregate. I had it in my mind to check it out yesterday and I’m glad I did. It looked so fun that I might just have to try it out myself one day. You …

Lake Pleasant Harbor

Lake Pleasant is a reservoir just north of Phoenix. It was nice to see such a big lake in the middle of the dessert and I can only imagine how important this is to the needs the booming city of seven million. At the entrance to the lake is this small harbor with a restaurant at the lower right. Beyond the harbor you can see the dam and then the lights of the highway beyond that. On account of the cirrus clouds I stood here on a hill and watched a most spectacular sunset, one that lingers for thirty minutes …

Lone Thunder Cloud

A lone thundercloud floats over Tampa Bay in Florida. This is a common sight most of the year; they resemble pillars rising with a powerful force that is best viewed from a distance. Such was the case on this warm evening a few months ago on Anna Maria Island not far from my home. Click on photo to enlarge or order print

Mount Bonpland

This is taken from Mount Bonpland, high up in the New Zealand alps not far from Glenorchy. We landed on these rocks and clamored about looking for shots but mindful of the engine time on the helicopter. I don’t recall the exact number but it was more than a dozen stops on peaks with views I could only dream of, this being one. This was taken a few days after a snowfall in the autumn of the southern hemisphere.

Goldfield Ghost Town

Goldfield Ghost town is located in Apache Junction adjacent to Superstition Mountain. The scenery here is right out of an old western movie. This building is an old saloon that’s still serves thirsty cowboys and cowgirls. I’ll admit I got a little caught up in the moment and ordered a whiskey, kind of silly since I don’t like even like whiskey. But this is the Wild West and why should I get hung up on details? The only thing I was missing was boots, a hat and my horse. In any case, I’ve fully recovered from the whiskey and the …