Van Wezel

This is the Van Wezel Performing Arts center in Sarasota Florida. Aside from being one of the best venues in the region, it has some pretty cool architecture which, in my opinion, enhances the feel of Sarasota. I took this one afternoon when we had typical storm clouds in the area but decided to go with the dramatic feel. Besides, performing arts includes a lot of drama. Follow link to obtain a limited edition print of this photo.

Happy Bull

I recently visited Jasper National Park in the Canadian rockies and while there saw a lot of wildlife including Elk which seem to be fairly mellow in July. In any case, this bull was on the side of the road enjoying a meal of leaves when we happened by. He has irregular antlers which indicate a past injury or incident with his rack. Aside from that, he seem quite content to watch the silly human take pictures of him as he enjoyed the warm July evening. Yes, I was inside a vehicle. 😉 Follow link to obtain a limited edition …

False Creek Boats

This is a night view of boats docked in False Creek from the Burrard Bridge in Vancouver. As I recall it was pretty late in the evening yet there were a lot of people out walking or riding bikes. I’m struck by how different this city is from most cities in North America, vibrant and teeming at all hours, not just the work week. In any case, as I took this on a Friday night I suspect a good number of these boats were out on English Bay the next day. Follow link to obtain a limited edition print of …


This is the Lionsgate Bridge which links Vancouver with North Vancouver. The bridge is quite high to allow cargo and cruise ships access to Vancouver Harbor. The Stanley Park seawall and bike path pass under at this location. I can’t help but be impressed with the massive display of engineering and steel, especially when standing here. As I write this post from my Vancouver hotel room late in the evening, I can look over my right shoulder and see this bridge lit up against the North Vancouver mountains. Follow link to obtain a print of this photo.

Cottage On The Key

Cottage on the Key is one of a dozen or so eating establishments in Siesta Key, Florida. The character of the place speaks for itself. It seems to me that each place tries to be more laid back and quaint than the next. It makes for a great place to hang out, especially after sunset. Actually, I shot this while walking back to my car after watching the sunset. Jimmy Buffet would be proud. Someone fire up the blender. Follow link to obtain a print of this photo.

Sunset under the Green Bridge

Near my house there are two bridges over the Mantee River, one older and one newer. The locals refer to the newer one as the green bridge, I suppose due to the paint on some of the girders. Nonetheless, from this spot on Bradenton’s Riverwalk, the sun can be seen setting under the bridge as it sinks into the Gulf of Mexico. The end of another day. Follow link to obtain a limited edition print of this photo.

Radiance Of the Seas

I happend to capture this one morning not too long ago from my hotel room which faced the Vancouver harbor. Summer is prime for the Alaska cruise season. Each morning the ships pull in to port and in the evening and at around five they all leave again. A tour guide mentioned to me there are over three hundred cruises departing from Vancouver per year; given the short summer that averages two to three per day. So while I was impressed when I saw this from my window, it’s by no means uncommon. Follow link to obtain a limited edition …

Coquina Beach Walkway

This is a shot of the walkway to Coquina Beach on Anna Marie Island in Florida. This is a favorite beach of tourist and locals as the water is turquoise and the sand is like silk. When I shot this, just off camera to my right, a local had backed up his pickup truck and was enjoying a pot of crabs and shrimp while watching the sunset. Now tell me honestly, does life get any better than that? Follow link to obtain a print of this photo.

Urban Garden

This is another shot from an urban garden in Vancouver. The energy in these gardens is revitalizing and somehow the sounds and rumbles of the city are muffled, even though the gardens can be quite small. From what I could tell, these plants were well cared for and quite happy amongst the city dwellers. I vote for more urban gardens. 😉 Follow link to obtain a print of this photo.

Hidden Cortez

Not far from where I live is the little fishing village of Cortez. It’s such a small village you’ll pass it if you blink. However it’s home to generations of commercial fishermen as well as the US Coast Guard. The fish market is tucked away but if you find it there’s a little food stand out back where you can get fresh fried fish and a bottle of beer while you watch the fishing boats and Pelicans. Truly a hidden little gem, just don’t tell anyone I told you. Follow link to obtain a print of this photo.