Perico Bay

To get this shot I had to ride my mountain bike to the end of a Robinson Preserve trail, take a few shots and quickly depart before the park closed just a few minutes later. This trail is about a mile of mangroves, roots and dense growth so I was a little winded as I jumped of my bike to capture the sinking sun on the horizon. I snapped away, maybe twenty shots as I only had about sixty seconds of sun left. When I got back home and looked at the shots it was a little amusing because the …

Vermillion Lake

Vermillion Lake is just outside Banff in Alberta Canada, part of Banff National Park. It’s impossible to drive anywhere and not be impressed by the scenery and grandeur at every turn. I was here last summer and headed out to capture this around dusk on the last day. The summer days were much longer so this was probably around eight or nine at night. I remember being swarmed by mosquitoes as I setup for this frame and then made a dash back for the car. Now looking back and remembering this, I just want to go back. Perhaps I will …

English Bay Impression

My impression of sunset at Vancouver’s English Bay. Sometimes it seems the further I get from literal, the better things are. I’m drawn to abstraction in photography because it’s an escape into a world of my own imagination. Like radio, I use my imagination to fill in the gaps. In my experience, the world becomes a little more interesting when I use my imagination a little bit each day. Purchase print

Last Dip

When I lived up north in the cold and then visited a warm place, I would savor the last remaining moments of my vacation. I think that’s what was happening when I took this shot. A couple enjoying a last swim in the Gulf of Mexico one evening under a beautiful sunset in Bradenton Beach Florida. All good things come to and end, and fortunate for me I was here when it happened. Purchase print

Morning Fog on the River

Sailboats moored on a foggy morning along the Manatee River at De Soto National Memorial. Bradenton, Manatee County, Florida Purchase print

Wrigley Sconces

Every now and then I have to post some little piece of architecture that catches my eye. These sconces are all around the Wrigley Building in Chicago. A small thing probably overlooked by most people, solid brass swirly designs sconces. I’ll bet there’s another word for all that but I’m coming up short. In any case, this has been your architecture minute, brought to you by some guy that likes these thingys on the wall but doesn’t know what to call them other than solid brass swirly designs sconce thingys. Purchase prints

St. Johns, Antigua

Last autumn I was here on a ship leaving out of St John’s Antigua at the end of a typical day. As it’s now February that seems lifetimes ago. We arrived early in the morning and saw everyone headed in to work including the president in his limo. That’s the thing about foreign lands, even the most mundane things like going to work seems kind of interesting. I wonder why that is? Maybe if someone from Antigua saw me in Florida headed to work and wrote about it, …never-mind, it’ll never happen. Purchase print

TGIF Sunset

I don’t know about you but I’m glad, REALLY GLAD, it’s Friday. …There I go again, …making stuff up. I’m writing this on a Wednesday but I’m pretending it’s Friday so on Friday (today) it seems current. So in reality it’s Wednesday, but on Friday I’m planning on being really happy so I thought I’d post a picture of a wild sunset. The only thing that could go wrong is we get invaded by aliens on Friday and everyone is freaked out and gloomy while I’m posting pictures of happy sunsets. I’ll just have to cross that bridge when we …

Bait Shop in Sarasota

This is the tackle shop at Hart’s Landing in Sarasota Florida. As long as I live I’ll never get tired of taking photos from this area. It’s one of those rare urban places where you can get a good photo no matter which way you turn. Something about us humans, we love to fish. Something about places where people fish, they seem to make for good photography. I have no idea why this is, or even what I’m talking about, but it seems to me we must have a strong connection to the water. Why else would we like to …

Skyway from Holmes Beach

I just happened to be in Holmes Beach when the light was soft and the water was still and everything lined up, …except I didn’t win the lottery. Two outta three ain’t bad. It would be an eight mile swim to that bridge from this point, but I’m in no hurry, I’m on Florida time. Who am I kidding, I’m always in a hurry, except when I’m not. This day I was in a hurry to get to the beach to get a sunset shot, but this ended up being my favorite of the day, too many clouds for a …