Ca’ d’ Zan

CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE This was the house of John and Mable Ringling in Sarasota Florida. You’ll remember the Ringlings from the Ringling Brothers Circus. It’s now a state park along with gardens and museums. A great place to spend the day if you’re ever in the area.

Old State House Fence

CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE I was out one night before winter hit. This is the fence around the old state house in downtown Hartford. The “new” statehouse is still pretty old and about five times as big and, has no fence. Don’t ask me why, I just report it.

Driftwood House in Ucluelet, BC

CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE OR ORDER PRINT This driftwood house is along the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet. The West coast of Vancouver Island looks a lot like this, rugged coves, black rock and driftwood. I’m not sure who constructed this but it was no small undertaking. Maybe not a posh resort, but if you consider the mountains, ocean and stars at night it comes pretty close. In my estimation the only thing missing is a campfire and some marshmallows.

Sunrise Over the Dunes

CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE Early one morning on Anna Maria Island near the public pier. It’s amazing how many people are up at dawn to watch the sunrise on a Sunday morning. And then ten minutes later they all leave to go back home for breakfast or whatever. Yet some stay around to linger and enjoy the relative solitude of an early morning walk along the beach. Note to self, I’m going to do that more often.

911 Museum

CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE Last summer I was at the 911 memorial right after it opened to the public. These people are looking into into the museum which is all underground and above them In the glass is the reflection of the newly constructed freedom tower

Half Moon Bay

CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE Last year while in Half Moon Bay we walked the beach at sunset. Beaches, waves and landscape of the pacific are so much more dramatic than the west coast of Florida where I live. I grew up in California, now when I return it all seems so new.

Boarder in Flight

CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE This was taken at The Bordr Am skateboard tournament in Bradenton a couple of weekends ago. It’s pretty cool what these guys and gals can do. Mainly everyone was having fun and just doing their thing. There were free hair cuts, all kinds of gear, and plenty of good music from a DJ to keep the party going. I suppose the competition can be serious, but everyone was having so much fun it was hard to tell.

End of the Day

This is at the very tip end of Anna Maria Island locally known as Bean Point. My wife and I came here last night to catch the sunset and take a few photos. We lingered until dark, relishing every last bit of the pastel hues and warm water until we knew we must go. On our way out we stopped at the local ice cream shop and to our surprise there was a line out the door. I thought to myself, what an iconic little village, and what better way to enjoy a Sunday evening than watch the sunset and …

Driftwood on the Shore

Drive up the coast of British Columbia and driftwood is everywhere. It accumulates on the shore when storms toss it like little sticks. I admit I’m a little intimidated by that kind of power in nature. Imagine living along these shores a hundred years ago without modern convenience. In any case, on this present day afternoon some campers sat nearby taking in the tranquility of the this scene. A little snapshot of the rugged beauty I found just north of Vancouver. Click on photo to enlarge

Urban Sunset

Because I live in Florida there’s water everywhere. Inlets, bays, waterways, rivers, …the list goes on. So this is an urban sunset, meaning that I just happen to be driving by the water and pulled over to take a picture. Every day the sun sets on urban areas, but somehow the fact that there’s a body of water makes it just a little bit special. Don’t you think so? Click on photo to enlarge or order print