Old Town

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This is the old town section of San Juan Puerto Rico where I recently found myself on a Friday night. After an authentic meal at El Jibarito we spotted a coconut vendor who provided fresh coconut water, something I could get used to. By the time we left this section of town it was filling up with Friday night party goers and it took our cab about a half hour to navigate the narrow oneway cobblestone streets. Not that I minded that slow ride one bit. Follow link to obtain a limited edition print of this photo.

Memories of Lake Louise

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If I had this view out back I’d never leave home. Nonetheless, this is the view you see from the Chateau Lake Louise in Alberta Canada. The last time I was here the lake was frozen and I was with a climbing party where we scaled a frozen waterfall towards the back on the right. It was an all day affair and since I was not qualified to lead I stayed below as the lead climber secured a route up the fall. If you can imagine being chained to a rock in subzero temperatures followed by brief periods of adrenalin …

Public Pier Dawn

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Near the end of Anna Marie Island in Manatee County Florida is the public pier. It’s a little out of the way, and the speed limit is posted at 25 miles per hour. It’s a sleepy little area and an idyllic seaside retreat for anyone looking to escape from the harshness of life for a while. There are a couple of piers, and this is the public one which is owned by the county. In the summer it’s not uncommon to see manatees, dolphins, stingrays or even the occasional shark swim by. If it’s hot, and it usually is, there’s …

Tangle Creek Falls

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This last summer I took a trip down Highway 93, the Columbia Icefields Parkway in Alberta Canada. It’s no wonder it’s considered one of the most scenic highways in the world. I’ve been on Highway 1 in California and driven through Yellowstone in Montana and Wyoming, however never have I seen such breathtaking views for so many miles. This was just one of many stops and I think that if I didn’t have a day job I’d still be here photographing. Nonetheless, I’ll surely come back here, if not already in my dreams. Follow link to obtain a limited edition …

Fall Sunrise

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I came here last winter to Fort DeSoto Park in St. Petersburg Florida take a similar picture, the only difference is that from this vantage the sun rose from the right side of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and in autumn it rises on the left. This is a favorite spot for local photographers and at least two others were here on the morning I took this. Fort DeSoto is on the Gulf of Mexico and is lined with beaches, bike paths, camping, fishing and pretty much every outdoor sport imaginable. In fact, the morning I took this there was a …


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One day while walking through Vancouver I noticed these front steps all nicely aligned in a row. Even though they look the same, beyond each threshold lies a vastly different story. I live in a townhouse that looks just like the one next to it and so I suppose that to someone from a different culture my neighbor and I might appear very similar. And to me, folks in a village on the opposite side of the globe might also appear similar. But we’re not, and the chances are that I have more in common with someone on the opposite …

Manatee County Sunset

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Not far from this spot, earlier this day I was riding my bike and noticed someone holding up a thirty two inch bass they had just caught. I’m no fisherman but I was impressed enough to stop and take a picture with my iPhone along with a half dozen others. I came back in the evening to catch this sunset which is somewhat typically for Manatee County, Florida where I live. The waters are warm and even if you’re not at a beach you always have plenty to see and enjoy. In fact as I write this it’s getting close …

Bow River Sunrise

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This is the Bow River Valley in Banff Alberta, one of many beautiful places you must visit in Canada. As I had never been here before I wasn’t sure how to catch a sunrise or sunset. The timing of sunrise and sunset is quite a different matter than in Florida where I live. It’s not enough to simply watch the sun as it approaches the horizon, up here the mountains obscure the sun for a while before sunset and after sunrise. So you just have to stand there and wait, which is what I did this morning. I’m not always …


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One of the many things I love about taking pictures at sunset in Florida is that it’s a great time to view wildlife. This bird, while he had his eye on me, was more concerned with his next meal. Just to the left of the pier were some fishermen and pelicans, wherever there’s one the others are close at hand. In any case, my buddy was ignoring the pelicans and patiently waiting for his prey and after what seemed like an eternity, swooped down and caught dinner. It requires a bit of patience but watching a Heron fish is a …

All Lit Up

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This is the Burrard Street Bridge as viewed from the Granville Harbour in Vancouver. I took this one summer evening while exploring the shops and sights of Granville market which is a must see when you go to Vancouver. In some ways this shot is a summary of the city, in the forefront are the boats, followed by the bridge, then behind that buildings of the city and finally all the way back are the mountains surrounding Vancouver. Of course there is a lot more to the city but this was my perspective at that moment. In any case, when …