Frankton Arm of Wakatipu

When I first arrived in New Zealand I was a little overwhelmed by the beauty and landscapes. But it didn’t take long for me to snap out of it and start taking pictures of my immediate surrounds, like this one from right in front of our hotel in Frankton. Frankton is a little village just outside of Queenstown proper where the airport is located at the foot of the Remarkables mountain range. It had just rained and if you look closely you can see the snow on the mountains over Queenstown. Anyway, this was taken in autumn just before winter …

Morning Selfie

The cat woke me up at 4:30 this morning, he was hungry. Now what to do. Bed looks good. Instead I grabbed the camera and went looking for stars, lights and such. When dawn finally started I found myself on this pier wondering if it was too late to go home a sneak back into bed. It was. I’ll sleep when I die, in the meantime… Click on photo to enlarge

Clouds Over the Water

I captured this earlier this evening close to my home in Palmetto Florida. We have some cool air and wind which created these long crazy clouds as the light of dusk painted the water. Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving holiday here in the states and among other things, I’m thankful for amazing displays like this every now and then. Click on photo to enlarge

Biltmore Estate

This was taken from the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. This is one of those old world estates with thousands of acres and vineyards and rolling hills. Now it’s open to the public and you could spend a week here exploring and living the life of Riley. Click on photo to enlarge

Towers in the Night

This is the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial Arch near the capitol building in Hartford Connecticut. I took this a few nights ago in the twenty degree chill and so not too many people were out. However, as I set up for this shot someone starting walking towards me while singing quite loud. I sized up my situation but had nothing to worry about as the gentleman simply inquired about my photography. Turns out there was a concert, opera I think, just up the way and he was just walking home reveling in the moment. I, on the other hand quickly …

Palms and Clouds at Bradenton Riverwalk

Meanwhile back in Florida… The clouds do cool things like this all the time, …well a lot of the time. Sometimes I’ll check the local news webcam which is located at the beach to see what the cloud situation is and if it looks good I’ll head over for sunset. Today, by chance, I sat under that same webcam as it’s located at The Beachhouse restaurant. So, while sitting there I got it in my mind to check the webcam, and sure enough the scene in front of me at the beach was unfolding on my iPhone. Weird, I know. …

Farmington River

It was only yesterday that the leaves had colors. Now, not so much. This is in Connecticut a couple weeks ago. What a difference a couple of weeks makes. Now the long haul begins. Click on photo to enlarge

Afterglow at Chesterman Bay

I took this from Chesterman Beach near Tofino in British Columbia. It’s no wonder so many artists live in the area, no matter where you look there is some icon of nature waiting to be painted, carved or sculpted. If you look there’s beauty wherever you go, but here on Vancouver Island it jumps right out at you. Very little effort required. Click on photo to enlarge

End of the Earth

This is another shot of New Zealand’s southern alps I captured earlier this year from a helicopter. There’s no question this was one of the more spectacular things I have experienced. Not sure I can adequately describe what it’s like but I do remember that the adrenalin had me pretty much wired for about two days after. Since I can’t describe it, just imagine yourself thousands of feet up with no doors and looking out at this scene. And if you can come up with the right words you’re way better than me. Click on photo to enlarge.

Mangrove Path

This is a path through the mangroves at a place known as Leffis Key in central Florida. It’s a little nature preserve where you can watch all kinds of wildlife and about half of the trails are on these boardwalks. I came here early one morning to capture the rising sun peaking through the mangroves and just to walk along this path to take it all in. It was a warm morning and mostly the birds were about their business starting to fish for a meal. In any case, as I write this I’m about a thousand miles from here …