Chocolate Emporium

As the sign says this is the Chocolate Emporium that sits across a lagoon from the amphitheater at Universal’s City Walk. I was just in the process of leaving and stopped to take this handheld, without a tripod. Actually, even though I cropped it as a square, the image is a panorama of two vertical images side by side. The building was too big to fit in my 85mm lens so I took two shots side-by-side.

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Chocolate Emporium
Chocolate Emporium at Universal Studio’s City Walk

When I visited Orlando last weekend it was in the grip of a cold front but despite the weather, everything was packed. Being from Florida it seemed cold to me but for the out-of-towners it didn’t seem to matter. I love cooler weather, and because I live here I look forward to bundling up, it’s so rare I get that chance. I was in my glory.

more night photography

My only regret is that I didn’t visit the Chocolate Emporium. I could easily have crossed over for a hot chocolate but alas, when I’m out taking photos I have a one-track mind. That would have been the perfect cure for cold weather. At least I came home with a picture to remind me to go back and get that mug of warm cocoa.

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