Barcelona’s Streets at Night

Barcelona's Streets at Night
Barcelona’s Streets at Night                              Purchase a gallery print

I love the Barcelona’s streets at night, full of lights, cafes, and music at every turn. We walked through the narrow alleys amazed at how many people were out having fun. I don’t think the place gets going until at least ten. Tapas bars are full of people talking and enjoying local cuisine and beverage. I got the sense that everyone feels safe at all hours, such a nice contrast to other cities I’ve visited. We were out most of the night despite having to get up to checkout the next day. My idea of a good time here is to stay out all night taking pictures and stopping at tapas bars along the way to refuel. I’m not sure how these people get to work the next day, but then maybe that’s for them to know and me to wonder. In any case, in case I didn’t mention it, I really love Barcelona’s streets at night, as long as I don’t have to work the next day.