Sunny Day

Island Park in Sarasota waterfront is a spot to chill for a bit, even if it is a hot day. I prefer to take images at dawn and dusk, but this was smack dab in the middle of the day. Even though its spring, the brightness of the image is reminds me of the long hot season ahead. Right now it’s March break and we have great weather and visitors from all over, but in a month we’ll begin the long hot days of summer when everyone goes home and the pace of life slows down a bit.

Sunny Day
A sunny day at Sarasota’s Island Park                      Discover prints

This is another example of how I like to fill up the frame with abstract content like clouds. In this I’m closer to the rule-of-thirds, a simple rule where the subject is divided in thirds. Rules can be broken, but I think it works fine here. This is also another example of how I mix street and landscape photography. I’m basically out shooting landscapes but noticed this frame and someone in it. Bonus.

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Maybe I need to start a new category called “streetscape” photography. Hmmm, I’ll work on it. For now it is what it is, a combo of the two. I think the thing that did it for me here is the little dog along the water. He (or she) is the x-factor that added a little quirkiness to the photo. Sometime I don’t notice these things until I get back home, but in this case I noticed as it was happening.

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