Robinson Preserve

Being a procrastinator I waited until about twenty minutes before sunset to head out of the house this evening. As I headed for the beach I passed Robinson Preserve and thought this might be just as good a location. It was getting late so I parked and headed into the park on foot, hoping I hadn’t left it too late. Just then the ranger doing his final rounds met me on the path and insisted that I leave as the park was closing in five minutes. I was deflated and not sure if I should be upset at the rules or myself for being so haphazard. I was at least five minutes from this pier where I wanted to setup and then another twenty minutes to hike out. In the end I think he rolled his eyes and looked the other way, but told me I should come back during the day to capture a family of bald eagles that he pointed out a quarter mile away. I will do that one day, but on this day I got the sunset and walked out of the park in darkness, alone, with all the little critters that come out at night expecting to have the park to themselves.

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