Oasis in Plain Sight

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One of the things I like most about Sarasota is their public spaces. This is a good example of that, an oasis in plain sight. Daily Image I took this in the middle of summer when we get amazing clouds. I don’t normally take pictures of city parks but this one is situated right on the inter-coastal waterway so I couldn’t resist. Every time I drive by this park seems empty. I’m not sure if people just aren’t aware of it or what, but it’s the perfect spot. Just stop the car, walk over to the water and sit on …

Quite the Scene

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I can be a real geek sometimes; like this time. I had it in my mind I was going to take some epic photos and so I brought a bag full of gear including a huge lens and a tripod. Things didn’t turn out as I expected so there I was with all this gear in the middle of a public pathway as the sun was setting. I made the best of it and quickly setup for the shot. A couple came up and said they wanted to be on TV. Obviously I looked like I was from the local …

Queenstown Reboot

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This is an image I took on my first day in New Zealand about two years ago. As you can see from the colors it was autumn in the southern hemisphere. If I recall I was so happy to see all the fall colors that I quickly processed the photo and posted it a few hours later. Now when I look back on that image I realize my tastes have changed. That’s a nice way of saying the other picture makes my eyes bleed. The colors of the original are amped up quite a bit and appear too bright and …

Gardens Sunrise

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A couple of years ago in New Zealand I was here for a Queenstown Gardens sunrise. It’s an oasis of nature in the middle of the city, except for one thing. The city is an oasis in the middle of the wilderness. If that sounded like a contradiction it is. Queenstown doesn’t need an oasis, it’s already surrounded by beauty and awesomeness on all sides. This park is just the cherry on top. I was here on one of Trey Ratcliff’s photo adventures. This was our first day. There were about twenty of us and I really didn’t know anyone …

Emerson Canopy

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From a little park known as Emerson Point which has trails through the canopy of trees draped with Spanish Moss. About 10 minutes later the sun would set and the canopy became much darker. I usually linger to watch the sunset on the water over to the left and then walk back through these trees to my car. During the day and weekends there are a lot of visitors, but I typically come here at dusk and have the whole place to myself. If I ever get lost in the canopy on my way out, you’ll know where to find …

Afternoon at the Beach

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This is Siesta Key Beach which is a short drive from my home in Florida. A couple of years ago this was rated the number one beach in the United States. Let’s just stop and think about that for a moment. Somebody actually has a job to go around and pick the best beach. Really? I very much want that job. But I digress. There’s always something fun going on here, I noticed they were set up for a duathlon the next morning and they also have drum circles that gather here every so often. I just thought it was …

Jensen Beach Snack Bar

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Its just after sunrise so I had this place to myself. Jensen Beach is on Florida’s east coast and like the west coast where I live the wave are gentle. I expected them to be a little larger, not sure if that was just due to calm weather or what. I don’t think there are any places in Florida where we get the waves like California or Hawaii. Even so there are a lot of surfboard shops. Maybe those surfboards are for novices like me. In any case this cool little beach town has a little bit of history and …

Contours in the Field

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I took this one afternoon near Queenstown in New Zealand just as the sun accentuated the rows in the field. Even after the sun recedes behind the mountains there is still another hour of light so I walked around looking for other interesting things to photograph. I took quite a few though not all interesting. Every week or so I find some other photo I forgot I had. Maybe with time I’m just able to look at it with fresh perspective. In any case, if this were in Florida (not that we have any mountains) then I’d be careful not …


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This is the lookout at Robinson Preserve and a favorite place to go and recharge the batteries. At this time of day the mullet are jumping in the bayou below and the only sound is the constant splashing as they try in vain to reduce the mosquito population. Thank goodness for the sanctuaries of silence and nature that can be found in this part of Florida.