Cathedral Barcelona Photo

Cathedral Barcelona
Inside the Cathedral Barcelona taken hand held with my sony camera.            Purchase fine art print

Cathedral Barcelona photo using a Sony A7rII

This is a photo of the interior of the Cathedral Barcelona. I assumed I wasn’t allowed to bring a tripod but was surprised when I saw several other photographers that did. Nevertheless, my Sony camera did a good job of picking up the details in the low light even though the photo was handheld. I suppose the new stabilization technology is getting to the point where we only need tripods in a very few situations. That certainly makes it easier to get interior architecture shots when touring a big city like Barcelona. This is the main cathedral in the gothic section of town. I came here twice, first in the morning when it was empty, and then again around noon when it was crowded. This is from my second visit but by aiming the camera slightly up, I avoided capturing the crowds. Sometimes people add an interesting dimension to a photo, but in this case I thought the architecture was pretty amazing in its own right.

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