The Bar at Hotel Arts

Here is a photo from the bar at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona. I’ll admit I’m not very sophisticated when it comes to swank establishments like this. More often than not I don’t know what to order. But the ambience can be a work of art and something I like to capture, with or without a cocktail.

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The Bar at Hotel Arts
The Bar at Hotel Arts in Barcelona – Ritz Carleton

I’m a reluctant photographer. I get a little uncomfortable setting up my camera in places like this. Yet I’m always happy when I do, so the trick is overcoming the hesitation. In this case the hotel is filled with tourists so it’s not unusual that I would have a camera. It was no big deal.

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Cameras attached to our phones are getting so good that soon we won’t have to choose between quality and conspicuousness. No one notices when we take a photo with an iPhone. Once smart phones can produce this level of quality in low light we will no longer need regular cameras. Maybe.