Olympic Fountain

By day this is a fountain. A few weeks ago I noticed huge flames coming out of it, which is when I realized this fountain is in fact the Olympic torch, …silly Florida guy. Nonetheless, I guessed something important must be up, so I grabbed my camera and headed down the street to get this shot.

I thought perhaps some Olympic delegation must be town for a meeting. I mean, they don’t light the Olympic flame for just anything, right? Later I asked someone at the hotel and it was explained rather matter-of-factly that if you have ten thousand dollars they’ll light it up for you. Really? The Olympic flame? Now, thinking back, as I was composing the shot, a gentleman and his wife walked out of an adjoining restaurant and into a waiting limousine right in front of the torch where I was standing. Just before the man stepped inside, he took one long look at the flame and remarked to his wife how bright it was in real life. If I didn’t know better, I might guess that he was the guy that paid to have this burn for his dinner. But that’s just my musing, such as it is.

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