A Place Called Enders Falls

I took this in Connecticut several years ago at a place called Enders Falls. It’s a small gorge off the side of the road with a set of waterfalls that stretch about a quarter of a mile. The trail is short but steep and you arrive at the falls within three minutes of leaving your car. Daily Image I was with a couple of friends as we climbed up and down the falls taking pictures. That was a long time ago and I just happen to notice this image in the archives. There are no bridges, so to get to …

Walk Through the Forest in North Carolina

This was taken a couple years back on a walk through the forest in North Carolina. It was supposed to be a short two-hour hike but ended up taking twice as long and was more difficult than we thought. Daily Image Apparently enough people get caught in the same mistake that the rangers and locals have formed a small rescue industry. I felt bad because it was my idea and my wife and sister-in-law were following my lead. But in the end we made it back before dark with a story to tell. We were hungry but too tired to …

Waterfall from British Columbia

I was flipping through some old photos and I found this waterfall from British Columbia. What caught my attention was that it was taken exactly three years ago today. This is just below the massive Shannon Falls north of Vancouver. When I took this it was in full flow from the spring runoff, so I imagine it would be the same now. Daily Image I took this with the Sony A7R, which was still fairly new at the time. I had had it for only a couple of months and was still learning its ins-and-outs. Looking at this now makes me …

Cedar Top Beer

I did a short hike through the Tongass National Park in Ketchikan Alaska. Despite the northern latitude this is a rain forest and Ketchikan receives the second highest amount of rainfall in the world, second only to the Hawaiian Island of Kauai. It goes without saying that the predominant color was green in all directions. In fact it was raining during the hike, a light pleasant rain, however it was warm at the same time so a light poncho was all I needed. Tongass is the largest national forest in the US and I saw only a sliver of it. …

Cathedral Grove: A Quiet Path

Last year I stopped here at Cathedral Grove just outside of Nanaimo British Columbia. These are towering Douglas Firs, the oldest at about eight hundred years old though most are around three hundred years. Even with visitors, the lush vegetation dampens the sounds to provide a quite walk through the old forest. There are a lot of must see places on Vancouver Island, this is at the top of the list. I was here in summer when it was hot, even so the cover the canopy creates its own micro-climate and the whole place is about ten dregs cooler. The …

Lake Beauvert Jasper

  A couple of years ago I was in Jasper Alberta to visit the Canadian Rockies. I arrived by train from Vancouver and then drove and hiked around. Along the way I stayed at the Jasper Park Lodge situated just east of town on Bueuvert Lake. I used a water texture from the mediterranean on the sky and water to add a mystical feel to the image. I would say there is quite a bit of good energy up here in the Rockies, mystical or otherwise. This is another one of those places I need to get back to and …

Maligne Lake

Obtain Print An early morning trip on Maligne Lake in Jasper Alberta. These lakes are pristine and in many cases appear turquoise due to the sediments from the surrounding glaciers. This is a popular lake however it’s about ninety minute drive out of town. One you head out on to the lake you are surrounded on all sides by majestic peaks and unforgettable landscapes. But then again, that describes the Jasper in general.

Enders Falls

Obtain Print One of the many waterfalls at Enders State Forest in West Granby Connecticut. On a hot day these pools are full of people cooling off in the brisk water. I came here early enough in the spring that it wasn’t crowded. I lowered my camera to capture the flow of the water not only off the fall but the swirls in the pool.

Walk in the Park

A North Carolina forest last fall. The only sounds were the leaves beneath our feet, birds and the distant sounds of the river. After the sensory overload of everyday life I need a period of quiet from time to time. North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains has quiet and beauty for those who seek it out. It’s no wonder so many creative people live hear, you can finally hear your own thoughts for a change. Click on photo to enlarge

Glow in the Forest

A little over a week ago I got a little lost on my way to Half Moon Bay, but lost in a good way. No schedule, headed for the ocean, just taking it all in. I came upon this tree around a bend and knew I had come to the right place. There is a lot of good energy in this forest. Portfolio: http://goo.gl/heoXEJ