Bridal Veil Falls

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This is Bridal Veil Falls near Salt Lake City. To get here it’s just a short drive from the city into the bordering mountains. In a previous post I mentioned that it’s a routine for us to go for a drive on Sunday. As we were in Utah we decided to take the Alpine Loop, which is a scenic drive that winds through the mountains. The road traverses mountains with switchbacks that are open only during the warmer months. There are spectacular views all over and we found ourselves stopping nearly every mile to see one sight after another. Daily …

Waterfall from British Columbia

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I was flipping through some old photos and I found this waterfall from British Columbia. What caught my attention was that it was taken exactly three years ago today. This is just below the massive Shannon Falls north of Vancouver. When I took this it was in full flow from the spring runoff, so I imagine it would be the same now. Daily Image I took this with the Sony A7R, which was still fairly new at the time. I had had it for only a couple of months and was still learning its ins-and-outs. Looking at this now makes me …

Enders Pond

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Purchase A little north of Hartford is Enders State Forest. If you drive too fast you’ll miss the parking lot at the side of the road, I had to break quickly. Down a little trail is a series of cascading waterfalls and moss covered rocks. One amazing waterfall after another, a magical place. This garden of Eden is right in the middle of New England. If you like waterfalls, then put this on your list, just be sure not to drive too fast.