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This is one of the bars we passed along the Embarcadero on a Saturday night. I was on a photowalk in San Francisco with Trey Ratcliff and about three hundred other friends. Little did I know that some in our party were not making it past the bars along the route. And here I was busy taking pictures, silly me, I need to get my priorities straight. Well, I did see a bunch of cool spot and made a mental note that I would surely stop in these watering holes next time I come here, they really look fun.

By the Fountain

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One of the best places to stand if you want to watch the world go by is by a central fountain in a european city. I stood in front of La fontaine des Trois Grâces in the center of Montpellier and no matter which way I looked there was something to watch. Sometimes quick, sometimes slow, but a lot of activity on all sides. Next time I should just stand there all day, stopping only for the occasional cappuccino and croissant.

Small Streets of Barcelona

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Coming from America I just love the small streets of European cities. Of course they were built in the age of horses but they are now busy pedestrian thoroughfares with shops and cafes at every turn. This is in Barcelona near the main cathedral. People are walking around at all hours of the night, it feels quite safe. I could walk around all day and all night here and get delightfully lost. It was not problem at all. If I ever got worried I just looked at the map app on my Apple iPhone and it guided me back to …

Plaça de Catalunya

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Barcelona’s main square is a very cool place to hang out, its kind of a new meets old fusion of everything that’s awesome. I was amazed at the number or pigeons that congregate here on account of the vendors that sell bird food. If you feed them you are instantly flocked by hundreds. It was a lot of fun and I took a ton of pictures from every angle. That white building in the back is the Apple store and it seemed there were as many people in there as birds in the square. I would have gone in if …

Sharing an Umbrella in Old Montpellier

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The other day I was walking around the streets of old Montpellier in the afternoon. Is was a fun thing to do but towards the end of the day it started to rain. For most people that poses an inconvenience but for me it increases the possibilities for photos because of the reflections on the ground and reactions of people. Here I am walking back to a parking garage behind a couple of ladies sharing an umbrella. I ended up soaked to the bone but was pretty happy with some of the images. I was also glad I had a …

The Magic of Street Photography

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Street photography is something I rarely do but at the same time love to do. I’m a bit shy and so getting out onto the street and taking pictures of random people is not easy. Nonetheless I do it any chance I get because of the magic of freezing time. Images can be thought of as frozen moments in time, yet they are poignant when they have people in them. However, when the scenes are out in public on a busy street it and if done carefully and with purpose, these frozen moments can provide glimpses into the soul of a city …