Myakka Boardwalk

Obtain print This is one of many boardwalks at Myakka River State Park. Along it you can view mostly birds but maybe the odd alligator as well. Just like everywhere else Florida is experiencing growth and urban sprawl and so places like this state park are protected sanctuaries for local and migratory wildlife. I posted something similar to this recently from the same location. I like how the palms frame the path as it leads out into the swamp. A simple composition of the Florida landscape without the beach.

Morning Light in Tom Bennett Park

CLICK TO PURCHASE I’m posting this to remind myself to get outside after it stops raining. That’s when we get great light and as everyone knows, photographers love unusual shades and hues of light. Right after a storm is one of those times. In any case, this was taken in the morning after an evening of rain and with any luck I’ll get out again today or tomorrow morning for some similar shots. In the meantime, have a great day everyone.