Mile Rock Beach

Another shot from a little hidden beach in San Francisco. The only way to get here is to hike down a steep trail. The beach is surrounded by cliffs which gives you a sense of remoteness uncharacteristic of a large city. But then San Francisco is no ordinary city. Because of its geography it could be the most beautiful city in the USA. The only other that I can compare it to is Vancouver about a thousand miles to the North. But it seems the beauty of a city is related to the surrounding geography. If you frame buildings, streets …

Half Moon Bay

Purchase Wall Art Sunset over Half Moon Bay in California. Somehow this photo got buried in my backlog and I just recently found it again. It’s a little surprise and reminder of a day about a year ago.

Half Moon Bay

CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE Last year while in Half Moon Bay we walked the beach at sunset. Beaches, waves and landscape of the pacific are so much more dramatic than the west coast of Florida where I live. I grew up in California, now when I return it all seems so new.

California Pasture

A farm pasture in San Mateo County along the Pacific Coast Highway. I was on a stop over from New Zealand to Florida and had a day to drive around. I probably need to spend a little more time driving around here because there seems to be something scenic at every turn of the road, and there are a lot of turns. Click on photo to enlarge