Walk Through the Forest in North Carolina

This was taken a couple years back on a walk through the forest in North Carolina. It was supposed to be a short two-hour hike but ended up taking twice as long and was more difficult than we thought. Daily Image Apparently enough people get caught in the same mistake that the rangers and locals have formed a small rescue industry. I felt bad because it was my idea and my wife and sister-in-law were following my lead. But in the end we made it back before dark with a story to tell. We were hungry but too tired to …

River in Autumn

Purchase print Its now autumn in the northern hemisphere but I’ve not yet gotten out for some fall pictures. Nevertheless I took this about a year ago in Gorges State Park North Carolina. This is in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I think it’s one of the best places to go for fall colors. I was hiking up stream along a trail towards a much larger waterfall. The trail was short but strenuous and so I kept leaving the trail to look upstream towards the big waterfalls that would mean I was finally there. It was almost as if I …

Walk in the Park

A North Carolina forest last fall. The only sounds were the leaves beneath our feet, birds and the distant sounds of the river. After the sensory overload of everyday life I need a period of quiet from time to time. North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains has quiet and beauty for those who seek it out. It’s no wonder so many creative people live hear, you can finally hear your own thoughts for a change. Click on photo to enlarge

Autumn by the River

As I drove away from Asheville I couldn’t help but explore this river at the bottom of a gorge surrounded by the fall colors. The water was clean and apparently full of fish on account of the fishermen wading in fly-casting. I wanted to stay here all day but on account of an eleven-hour drive ahead of me I dragged myself from here and back into the car, content with the thought that I just witnessed a little bit of heaven, otherwise known as North Carolina. Click on photo to enlarge