West Coast Sand

This boardwalk crosses over the dunes to Nokomis beach. Whenever you go to the beach here along the gulf coast you see these walkways. They protect the dunes which in turn protect the islands during storms. I like how they appear to provide a grand entrance to the beach. Daily Image The sand at the beaches around here is a fine white silica, almost like powder. I’m not aware of any other beaches that have this type of sand. My car has black floor boards and the white powdery sand gets all over it. When I was in the Caribbean …

South Jetty

This is taken In Venice Florida at a jetty leading into the intercostal waterway. This is the South Jetty, the other side is the North Jetty. I’ve always gone to the North Jetty to take pictures, it’s a little hard to find but I know the way and it’s one of my favorite locations. I’ve always looked across to the South Jetty and wondered how to get here. I’ve tried a few times and always ended up in dead ends. So a couple of weeks ago I finally figured it out and I couldn’t be more embarrassed. It’s way easier …

Nokomis Beach Bridge

In the West coast of Florida most of the beaches are on keys which are long barrier islands up and down the coast. The main reason they don’t get washed away in storms is that usually there are dunes with vegetation to prevent erosion. So we have these bridges over the dunes that create a pretty nice entrance to the sea. As leading lines go, these are one of my favorite because they lead to where we all want to be, on the beach and in the sun. Speaking of which, the weekend is about to begin.

Nokomis Lifeguard Stand

Obtain fine art print My how time flies, I was last here a little over two years ago. I shot from almost the exact same location at around the same time, but the results are quite different. For one, I used a different lens. For another, I used textures on this. My style and inclinations change over time and so I’m finding that if I go back to some of my favorite locations a shoot again, the results are quite different. Here is a link to the old version.

Nokomis North Jetty

Obtain print It’s been a while since I’ve been to the north jetty so yesterday evening I headed down here. It’s about 35 minutes from home along the gulf coast and every evening people flock here to watch the sunset. The minute I drove up a couple of dolphins swam by as they meandered about. These shells were deposited on the beach from recent storms; you could just scoop up a handful. The jetty connects the gulf to the intercostal waterway where most folks dock their boats. Evenings like this are a reprieve from the August sun as the breeze …

Through The Palms

As I write this there are storms across much of the Unites States and winter has made an early entrance. But in some places such as Florida’s west coast you can still find people on the beach or enjoying a sunset. It’s no wonder the population of Florida explodes this time of year. If I lived up north and had the means I’d come down here also. Fortunate for me I live here and this weekend I was outside at the Sarasota Fine Arts Festival. This shot is from just south of Sarasota in Nokomis which is a community with …

Sunset on the Rocks

Looking for Margaritaville? Nokomis might fit the bill; a small town in Sarasota County along Highway 41 with a great beach and, like all Florida west coast towns, great sunsets. Follow link to obtain a print of this photo.

Nokomis Lookout

Obtain a print This is the lifeguard lookout stand in Nokomis Florida. When I came upon this I noticed a gentleman sitting on the stairs in quiet contemplation. I’m pretty self conscious so I did my best not to make too much noise while taking this picture. The clicks on my camera can be a little annoying, so after I got the shot I quickly moved on to leave the soul in peace.

Magic Dusk

Minutes after a sunset are sometimes the best to enjoy; the light of dusk on an ocean shore on a warm day is simply exquisite. I think that if I didn’t have a real job, I might just spend every evening by the beach capturing sunsets at dusk. But for now, the occasional picture is enough to keep me happy. Happy Friday everyone and I hope this brings a touch of that magic to your day. Follow link to obtain a limited edition print of this photo.