People at One World Observatory

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So often when travelling we find ourselves in places where there are a lot of tourists. There’s nothing wrong with that and quite often I am one of them. However from a photography perspective it presents a challenge. For me the challenge is either how to incorporate crowds into an image or avoid them altogether. In this case I sat on a bench watching the people at One World Observatory and noticed the reflections creating this scene. I took several photos and this is my favorite. Daily Image This is also a good example of post processing. Because right out …

Central Park South

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My last night in Manhattan I spent exploring Central Park and taking a lot of photos. The park is well lit with street lamps along the paths and people milling about just as they do during the day. This is in a section known as Central Park South, which is bordered by the towers of midtown to form a surreal backdrop. Daily Image This is thirty-second exposure and it appears a little brighter than it actually was. As a result I didn’t notice the people to the right until about halfway through the exposure. I think they had the perfect …

Get the Job You Deserve

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The “Get The Job You Deserve” sign over Times Square is a mammoth structure. I hesitate to call it a billboard; it’s way bigger than that. I took this shortly after checking to a hotel in New York City. Coming from a small town in Florida to the heart of Manhattan is one heck of a jolt, just the kind I needed. Daily Image I have a tip if you’re into photography and thinking of going to New York City. Book a room at the Courtyard Marriot on West 54th and Broadway. On one side of the building the rooms …

Love Locks

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Obtain print Love locks on the Brooklyn Bridge. I wonder if the day will come when these have to be removed. As far as I can tell the bridge seems pretty sturdy and I don’t think the extra weight even registers. Moving along, how cool would it be to leave a lock and then return several years later to see it again? A funny little quirk of how we roll. Sentimentality is a cool thing when it comes out like this me thinks.

City Time

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Purchase Print A million other versions of this exact same shot have been made. So when here recently I was glad to try my own. This futuristic setting is from Brooklyn near the ferry terminal, these are ancient pilings from some long forgotten pier or dock. A six second exposure makes the water look smooth as though maybe time has slowed down. A parallel universe in a city that never sleeps.

Battery Park Afternoon

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Purchase Print A Friday afternoon scene near Battery Park in lower Manhattan. I was in NYC to take photos and only a few minutes before was over at the South Side Sea Port. My friend mentioned that the sun was going down and so we quickly made haste to this side of the island facing west. As it was the end of the week, most people were out relaxing and sitting at outdoor cafes. This, and a dozen other reasons, is why New York is one of my favorite cities.

South Street Seaport

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Click to purchase If you work on lower Manhattan and live in Brooklyn, chances are you come here to catch a ferry. Such was the case on this Friday afternoon . The waters of these rivers move fast and these boats have a lot of power. It’s amazing to see how they maneuver in and around the traffic from one side to the other. I stood here mesmerized by the scene for a few minutes before grabbing a cab for Battery Park to catch the sunset.

Surreal Brooklyn

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CLICK TO PURCHASE This is taken from the banks of the East River on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge. A group of us from the Arcanum showed up before dawn to capture the sunrise but there were plenty of other subjects at hand as well. These old concrete pilings are probably leftover from some pier or docks in ages past. How cool would it be to travel back in time and see what was here a century ago. Until that time it will just have to be a part of my imagination and the help of a photo …

Romantic Sunset at Battery Park

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CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE Last Friday, Battery Park in lower Manhattan was the place to be as the week ended with a warm breeze and spectacular sunset. I was busy clicking away when this couple came up and asked to take their picture and email it later. When I got home I realized that I had them out of focus. Arrrrg!!! Lucky enough I had taken this shot with them in it a few minutes earlier. It was an amateur mistake, but hopefully they can take this image as a memory of that moment together during one of the most …