Signs at Sea

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When sailing you find yourself looking for signs at sea. Any kind of sign will do; weather signs, signs of land and signs of life. Open water doesn’t have the familiar frames of reference, so unconsciously our minds are pre-occupied with building one. Daily Image This is not news to anyone who sails. The frame of reference for a sailor is different. Sailors know how to read signs and surely there are many more signs that we’re not even aware of. This was taken as I sailed on a cruise ship towards Venice. To the combination of clouds, water and …

Sunrise from the Fort Hammer Bridge

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This is a sunrise from the Fort Hammer Bridge in the town of Parrish, Florida. The western part of the county is all beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, but the eastern part is all farmland and natural surroundings. I took this while standing on the new bridge that opened just last week. Daily Image If you look carefully you can see smoke rising from a fire in the horizon. It’s brush being cleared for another development. The inland communities of Florida are growing and new home construction is continuing out where only farms existed. It makes you wonder where …

A Different Central Park

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The last photo I posted was from Central Park in New York City. I’m a little amused because I just realized that this is from a different Central Park; this one was taken in Canada. This is from a Central Park in Burnaby BC, near Vancouver. Daily Image Like it’s New York namesake, the Canadian version is in the heart of a sprawling urban setting with towering buildings and residences on all sides. However this park is densely populated with tall spruce trees. As soon as you walk a few meters, the sounds of the city are shut out by …

Emerson Point Vultures

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I was driving along the road into a nature preserve when I came upon these vultures perched upon a dead oak. It struck me as such an odd sight, almost scary, and I had to stop and take a photo. While there another gentlemen came along and stopped next to me to take a look. Apparently he watches these carrions closely and said that something wasn’t right because normally they are further up the road inside the preserve. He thought perhaps someone was lighting fireworks and caused the flock to move here. Anyway, the only thing scary about this photo …

White Ibis in the Bay

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Obtain Print Yesterday I got up early to look for some epic shots of the sunrise. Probably because I had an agenda it didn’t work out. I had a location in mind but the weather didn’t cooperate and no matter where I walked I couldn’t find a good composition. I walked back to the parking lot a little defeated and noticed a flock of White Ibis feeding in the shallow waters of Sarasota Bay in front of the car. So I just sat down on the ground to relax and watch them as they worked the shore. I guess the …


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Order a print here If it’s not obvious, this is a picture of a cloud hanging over the water. I had to say that in case you were looking for some little object of interest like a person or boat. Sometimes I find myself in a situation where the main subject of the scene is simply a cloud. Actually that happens a lot where I live. The heat builds up in the vapor and transforms it into crazy shapes, usually over water. Add the light of dusk and you get a scene like this, if only for a few minutes. …

Palms in the Park

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get a lovely print Palms grow near the wildlife viewing boardwalk in Myakka River State Park. I grew up near the mountains in California where most parks have pines trees or redwoods. Not so here in Florida as pines would not withstand hurricanes. In any case, this boardwalk extends into a wetland were you can see all manner of birds like Herons, Egrets, Osprey, Hawks and Eagles. And just off on the left is Myakka Lake which is home to about five hundred Alligators. Definitely not California.

Just Before Dusk

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Buy a framed print I took this from a kayak launch just before the bridge to Anna Maria Island. This little guy was out feeding alone but I’m sure he knew where the others in his flock were. These waters are shallow enough that you could walk several hundred yards out with your fishing pole, as long as you keep track of the tide. Kind of a nice way to end the day.