Horse Head in Profile

On Christmas day, we did something out of the ordinary and headed over to a nearby horse ranch for a picnic and bonfire. The horses there spend days in their stalls or with riders out on the trails; however, in the evening they are free to roam the property. As it was a holiday the horses came and went as they pleased. That meant they would come up to the picnic table looking for handouts. Daily Image At night, the only light was from the bonfire so when I stood up and turned around there was usually a horse looking …

In the Bubble

Ch√Ęteau des Baux de Provence is a medieval structure overlooking a valley of farms and vineyards. There is a lot to take in from the scenery to the village and all it contains. This is only halfway up the hill, the fortress and ancient armaments are further up on the left. Click here for more landscape photos from the gallery For whatever reason I had a lot of energy and limited time. I climbed past this and further up to the very highest tower of the castle ramparts. It was an amazing climb with some sections of the path resembling …

Piggly Wiggly

Purchase Print This is from a dairy farm a few months ago. This little fellow was so friendly and interested in what I was doing he followed me everywhere. He was probably looking for a handout but I could help but be smitten with his charms. I’m one of those people that believes animals have personalities and generally know more than we give them credit for. Call me naive but I think that presents a world quite different than the one we think we live in.

Dakin Dairy

I spent the afternoon at Dakin dairy, which is a sustainable farm in Manatee County. Next to the dairy they have some farm animals as well as a few calves. This is Luck, she was curious about what I was doing so I managed to hold her attention for a few seconds. Spending the afternoon on a farm with all manner of animals was refreshing food for the soul. I have to get out of the city a little more often. Click on photo to enlarge