Canal to the Intercostal Waterway

To took this picture as I stood over a canal to the intercostal waterway. I was in the village of Cortez where there are many little outdoor restaurants by the water. Its one of my favorite places to come for an authentic Florida experience. Daily Image This bridge is one of two that cross over to Anna Maria Island. Both are draw bridges and each time I cross I secretly hope to get stuck. The draw bridge takes five or ten minutes to operate and during that time you turn off the engine and watch the sailboats, dolphins and fishermen. …

Cortez Village

Obtain Print The town of Cortez in Florida is one of the last remaining fishing villages left on the East coast of the United States. We come here to a dockside restaurant call Star Fish Market to have some fish and enjoy scenery and village atmosphere. It’s also a magnet for seabirds that feed off the scraps from the fishing boats. Right now the restaurant is in summer shutdown which lasts a few weeks. Hopefully the fishermen are still working or these birds will have to find another place to get their scraps.

Pelican and Boy

Every year in Cortez we have a fish festival and so we went to get some fresh fish and hear good music. Cortez is one of the last remaining fishing villages in on the east coast. It’s full of character and, um, pelicans. Pelicans hang around for the scraps left by the hauls as they come in. This one is so used to people that he wouldn’t move even when this boy sat down next to him. I think since the boy didn’t offer him scraps he was just doing his best to ignore him. Click on photo to enlarge …

Sundown Cortez

One evening a couple of weeks back I walked through the commercial fishing docks at Cortez. Early evening the place is deserted, so it was a little strange walking in and amongst empty docs. The engines on this boat were idling and I suspect the occupants still sleeping before heading out for the evening run. When I drive over the draw bridges to Anna Maria Island in the morning I’ll often see these same boats returning to port to unload the catch. Work all night, sleep all day. Purchase a colorful and moody print

Cortez Marina

This is one of the marinas in Cortez Florida. Cortez is one also one of the last remaining commercial fishing villages, in fact there was a PBS documentary done here recently. Somehow Cortez seems exempt from the pace of the world as things grow modern around it. I suppose the ways of the sea don’t change much and so the sensibilities of this village reflect a longer view than most of us are accustomed to. This was shot a few months ago but I came back here last night to shoot the commercial docs and see what I could see. …

Florida Time

Time passes differently for different people. In a slow world our time seems to stream past, like this picture. That’s why they made Florida, it’a a place where time goes a little slower. I think they made Maui that way also, but I digress. When you see one of those cute little signs that say’s “slow down, you’re on Florida time”, don’t laugh, the fabric of space time is indeed a little different and you need to slow down. If you don’t understand any of this you’re long overdue for a vacation. And if you do understand it, then perhaps …

Empty Cortez Pier

Cortez, Manatee County, Florida. Grab a chair and a drink and sit here and watch the sunset. You’ll no longer be stressed and the normal world will seem far away. Just so you know, I’ve tried it and it works. The things I put myself through in the name of photography. Follow link to obtain a print of this photo.

Cortez Sunset

Cortez is a little gem of a fishing village in central Florida. Because it’s on the way to the beach thousands of people drive by it every day and never stop. There are several fish markets tucked away which we like stopping into every now and then to pick up fresh catch. There are tree lined streets with quaint houses as well as a little trailer park where winter residents (aka snowbirds) love to come and escape the harsh winters up north. On the evening I took this several of the snowbirds where lined up in lawn chairs with their …

Hidden Cortez

Not far from where I live is the little fishing village of Cortez. It’s such a small village you’ll pass it if you blink. However it’s home to generations of commercial fishermen as well as the US Coast Guard. The fish market is tucked away but if you find it there’s a little food stand out back where you can get fresh fried fish and a bottle of beer while you watch the fishing boats and Pelicans. Truly a hidden little gem, just don’t tell anyone I told you. Follow link to obtain a print of this photo.