A Place Called Enders Falls

I took this in Connecticut several years ago at a place called Enders Falls. It’s a small gorge off the side of the road with a set of waterfalls that stretch about a quarter of a mile. The trail is short but steep and you arrive at the falls within three minutes of leaving your car. Daily Image I was with a couple of friends as we climbed up and down the falls taking pictures. That was a long time ago and I just happen to notice this image in the archives. There are no bridges, so to get to …

Downtown Hartford at Night

Obtain print The streets of some cities are deserted in the evening as most people have left for the suburbs. That leaves plenty of opportunity for taking pictures of the architecture and lights which create a mood found only after the sun sets. This is a pedestrian bridge in Hartford Connecticut. I combined two images, one sharp one blurred, to enhance the seasonal lights of that chilly December evening. As I write this its summer and would gladly take a quick blast of cool are from the night I took this.

Fisher Meadows Pond

Click for fine art print I took this in Avon which is just outside Hartford CT. It was late December so there was a chill in the air as I arrived before dawn to walk around the pond. This was just after sunrise about halfway around. The best part of being here early is the stillness of the water and the reflections that result. I finished the hike and headed to the airport to return home to Florida for the holidays.

Roaring Brook Nature Center

Purchase Print This is in Canton Connecticut, just outside Hartford. Coming from flat Florida, I am always happy to explore the winding roads and hills. I followed some signs to this nature center where I found trails, this pond and a Brook. The brook was more babbling than roaring, but maybe that was due to the recent lack of rainfall. Nevertheless this pond reflecting the clouds caught my photographers eye. After visiting places like this you can’t help but love New England.

Avon Well

Purchase Print While walking around a park in Connecticut I came across this structure that I could see from quite a distance. Turns out it’s a well and according to the plaque it can pump three million gallons a day. To me that seems incredible, such a large amount of water. Maybe that’s normal? I’ll bet they could use this in California right now. Anyway, I was impressed enough that I took this picture.

Enders Falls

Obtain Print One of the many waterfalls at Enders State Forest in West Granby Connecticut. On a hot day these pools are full of people cooling off in the brisk water. I came here early enough in the spring that it wasn’t crowded. I lowered my camera to capture the flow of the water not only off the fall but the swirls in the pool.

Streaming Clouds Above the Pond

Purchase On a cloudy day I took a walk through a forest and came upon this pond. The wind started to pick up as though to rain but lucky for me it wasn’t to be. The clouds were thick and heavy and reminded me of Florida back home. Even though it’s over a thousand miles to the south, on this day the weather was probably nearly the same.


Purchase Print This was taken somewhere along a farm road in Simsbury Connecticut. I was surprised at how many of these old abandoned buildings there are. They’re kind of scary to look at, and I’m sure there’s something scary inside, or maybe scary stuff happens here. Maybe my imagination is going too fast, but I wouldn’t want to linger too long to investigate. As it was, I didn’t even get out of my car. I stopped across the street, snapped this through the window, and then sped away. Some hero, eh?

Enders Pond

Purchase A little north of Hartford is Enders State Forest. If you drive too fast you’ll miss the parking lot at the side of the road, I had to break quickly. Down a little trail is a series of cascading waterfalls and moss covered rocks. One amazing waterfall after another, a magical place. This garden of Eden is right in the middle of New England. If you like waterfalls, then put this on your list, just be sure not to drive too fast.

Old State House Fence

CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE I was out one night before winter hit. This is the fence around the old state house in downtown Hartford. The “new” statehouse is still pretty old and about five times as big and, has no fence. Don’t ask me why, I just report it.