Cool Shot on a Hot Day

This is not a product shot, I just thought it was a cool shot on a hot day in our winter and your summer. Well, it seems a few days ago was the shortest day of the year, which also means it’s winter. Since I moved to Florida I can’t seem to get it straight, winter is like summer and summer like winter. Hear me out. Daily Image In winter, we have mild sunny weather, in summer we have storms daily and the tourists are gone. If that sound a little backwards you’re not alone. some of my favorite photos …


Obtain print This is a shot of the Florida beach town of Clearwater taken from Honeymoon Island State Park. This is a long exposure that I took from a breakwater that jetted out into the gulf. Normally when you are in Clearwater there is a lot going on, so much to see and do. But from here, a distance of about eight miles, everything seemed so peaceful and calm.

Clearwater Beach

Florida has more than it’s share of pirates, they’re everywhere. I took this last weekend at Clearwater Beach where it appears the pirates where just off shore. We also have a lot of bikers in Florida. More often than not they’re just fun loving retired dudes with big beards and bigger paunches, like my neighbor a few doors down. My theory is that the pirates of old reincarnated as bikers in Florida, and when they’re not riding their bikes they’re pretending to be pirates. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. Purchase Print