Cityscape of Sarasota

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This is a long exposure cityscape of Sarasota I took one night while waiting for the full moon to rise above the bridge. I was fortunate in that there was no wind and the waters of the bay were still. While that’s great for photos it also means there are a lot of mosquitos. I had a can of repellant and sprayed myself from head to toe: a minor annoyance but its a small price to pay in exchange for perfect conditions. Daily Image I never know when conditions will be good for photography until the last moment. If I …

Strawberry Moon

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Over the weekend we had a full moon and for some reason it’s called the strawberry moon. Apparently it’s the smallest full moon of the year, but I think that doesn’t means much in practical terms because we can’t see the difference with our eyes. Daily Image This is the Sarasota skyline from across the bay. It was one of the few nights we didn’t have cloud cover and this scene is one I’ve been waiting to capture. In fact this is a large panorama consisting of twelve individual images in a grid of 2 x 6. At full resolution …

West Coast Skylines

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This is a long exposure that I took of San Francisco from Treasure Island. I took this at the beginning of the year but if I go back and take it again today it would look different on account of the construction. I never really thought about it but changing skylines seem to be a normal thing. Constant change is an oxymoron if there ever was one but it fits what I see each time I go back. Daily Image I guarantee you there are a million pictures of this same scene. Now there is one million and one. What …

Cerbère, France

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We took the coastal route down the southern end of France. It winded in and out of small fishing villages and switch backed over peaks until we entered Spain. I could easily take a week to explore this region but on this day we were driving to Barcelona. Nonetheless I stopped here just outside of Cerbère which is the last village before entering Spain. Just off camera on the left is a parking space and vista along the side of the road where RVs stop for the night. Not a bad place to stay for the night.

Downtown Hartford at Night

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Obtain print The streets of some cities are deserted in the evening as most people have left for the suburbs. That leaves plenty of opportunity for taking pictures of the architecture and lights which create a mood found only after the sun sets. This is a pedestrian bridge in Hartford Connecticut. I combined two images, one sharp one blurred, to enhance the seasonal lights of that chilly December evening. As I write this its summer and would gladly take a quick blast of cool are from the night I took this.

Buildings in Manhattan

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Obtain Print I was walking with some friends towards a diner for breakfast and just randomly looked up. I thought this view was cool and I almost lost track of my group as I lingered for this shot. There are a lot of places like this in the city. I think it would be a fun project to shoot this perspective from different locations all over Manhattan. So maybe perhaps this is the first of a series, just maybe.