Inside Le sette Chiese

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I took this inside the 8th century Le sette Chiese at the center of Bologna. It’s a complex of buildings including a seminary, cathedral and museum. It’s worth a visit if you’re in the area. Daily Image I will say that Italy has a lot of is Catholic churches and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with so may. Before you know it they all start running together and you can’t remember one form the other. At least that happens with me, so I look for things to take pictures of to remind me of something unique. In this case there …

Architecture and Frescos

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I’m embarrassed to say I have no idea where in Rome this is, nor the name of it. I ran in here to escape the rain and was astonished by the architecture and frescos, not to mention the silence as compared to the busy street just outside. Daily Image A vertorama is like a panorama, only vertical. I took three images, the first at eye level and the third straight up. When they are stitched together they create a perspective that shows more than you normally see at a glance. It’s a little disorienting but fun to look at just …

Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute

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This is the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, Italy. I took this from a cruise ship as we pulled out of Venice in the evening. One advantage of coming and leaving on a large ship is it provides an aerial perspective of the city. The ship I was on is about twelve to fifteen stories high so it easily rises above the buildings of the city. The only other way to get such a perspective would be to use a drone but they are illegal here. Daily Image There is a lot about this sixteenth century church …

Chandelier in the Cathedral

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This is a large chandelier in the Cathedral of St Mary of the Assumption in San Francisco. Without a doubt it is the first think you notice when you walk in. It’s positioned above the alter and reflects the light from the windows of four corners. When I walked in it was all I could do to stand there and look up. I imagine that’s the intended effect; to give pause and a feeling that this is an extraordinary space. Daily Image My Sony A7rII camera has a silent shooting mode. I turn that on whenever I enter a house …

Cathedral Of Saint Mary Of The Assumption

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When I was a child I saw this cathedral from the outside because my aunt had an apartment directly across the street. The architecture made an impression on me that has remained to this day and the area around the cathedral occasionally appears in my dreams. With this in mind I was driving by a few weeks ago and thought to stop and look inside. I’m glad I did. Daily Image On a Monday afternoon it was empty save for an attendant. It’s a cavernous space infused with refracted light from the stained glass ribs of the spier. However what struck me most …

Catedral de Barcelona

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This is a small section of the front facade of Catedral de Barcelona. I could stand out front of this building and stare at the details for hours. Judging by the other people standing here, some did. I’m easily impressed, which is not to say this isn’t an amazing work of architecture, it’s just that I rarely get a chance to see buildings like this, so when I do I’m usually overwhelmed. I think that if I see beautiful things often it helps boost my sense of esthetic. That’s true about anything, the more we do the better we get, …

Two Cathedrals

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This is a composite of the inside of two cathedrals in Barcelona. One is the gothic Cathedral of Barcelona and the other is the post gothic Sagrada Família which was designed by Antoni Gaudi. The two edifices could not be more different. The only thing they have in common is they are Roman Catholic. The architecture of the gothic is filled with repeating lines and arches and domes whereas Gaudi has created a masterwork of modern art and design that is both organic and audacious. Big heavy words alert!!!   🙂 In both photos I was standing in the middle …

Sagrada Familia Light

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I took this in Barcelona inside the Sagrada Familia. The light shining through the stained glass was nothing sort of amazing. Even though the cathedral was plenty crowded you could easily get lost in contemplation as though you were all alone. In the morning I was at the other main cathedral in the Gothic quarter, but this Antoni Gaudi masterpiece transcends traditional concepts and takes architecture and design to a new level that is quite frankly beyond belief. Regardless of religious persuasion, this is worth seeing.


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This is the gothic section of town with the Cathedral of Barcelona as the center piece. As I walked back to my hotel I couldn’t help but notice this view. I suppose this scene sums up my impression of the city; that is, down every street there is something amazing to see. I think Barcelona is one of those cities where people want to live. It has so much to offer in terms of culture, history, architecture, sports, arts and weather that it would be very easy to just settle here and forget about the rest of the world. But …