The Gothic Quarter

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One of my favorite things to do in Barcelona is to take pictures of people walking around the gothic quarter at night, especially next to the main cathedral. The architecture and lighting creating a setting that is good for night photography. Daily Image   As write this I am in Barcelona by accident; I was scheduled to return home but my flights were cancelled. That gives an extra day to explore one of my favorite cities at night. Images like this illustrate my preference for shooting scenes at night. In my mind it’s more interesting than daytime. It’s not just …

The W Hotel

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This is one of the two big hotels on the beach in Barcelona, well surely there are many more but two that I know of. One is the Hotel Arts Barcelona and the other is this, the W Hotel. I stayed at the Arts but one of my first questions to the bellman was what building this was. Others must ask the same because he quickly mentioned it’s just become a sister hotel. They both fall under the Marriott parent company. Daily Image The next day we walked down the beach to have a look at The W. The architecture …

Batlló Light Well

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This is another perspective of the central light well at Casa Batlló in Barcelona.  Casa Batlló is a grand house designed by Antoni Gaudí which is now designated a world heritage site. It’s hard to describe the artistry of this house which brings to mind organic themes from somewhere deep in the human psyche. Gaudi pushed beyond the limits accepted design over a hundred years ago and has become a source of inspiration for generations of architects. The genius of Gaudi must be experienced first hand, as for me it was an awakening of sorts. His designs resonate with me in …

Houses of Collioure

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These are houses in the old city center of Collioure. I am aiming up with the lens to get the colors and sky, but just below the field of view is a busy marketplace with all manner of shops. While my wife bought a locally made dress I walked around the square taking it all in. In the end we both left happy. These houses remind me of California or even Florida. In warm climates homes are painted and colorful. In cold climates we make houses out of brick and the effect is completely different. Of course houses don’t look …

Pink Clouds Above Barcelona

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I was amazed at these clouds above the Barcelona rooftops as I stood atop a downtown hotel. Those two buildings on the right are the tallest buildings in the city, yet millions live here in these apartments that have much more character than glass towers ever will, especially when you consider the mix of architecture and design displayed throughout the city. I took this from the rooftop bar at the Grand Hotel. We’d come up here after a day out and relax to ambient music with a Sangria as we watched day turn into night. This was one of those …

Casa Batllo Stairway

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This is another image from inside Casa Batlló in Barcelona, a home designed by Antoni Gaudi and designated a world heritage site by UNESCO. As I wound my way though the house I was presented with unique design at every turn, nothing is repeated. Even the very last stairwell to the roof is an exquisite expression of art. It’s as though the house was constructed by an artist, which of course, it was. Antoni Gaudi was a rare soul who elevated architecture and design into an immersive expression of artistic mastery and this house is just one of many examples.